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Civic Operations Centre

The Civic Operations Centre (COC), at 57 Valley Road, is the home of Saskatoon Transit and the City’s first Snow Management Facility. 


  • Situated on 180 acres of land within City limits between the CN Railway tracks and Valley Road, just west of Circle Drive.
  • Designed like a campus with various buildings and facilities with the capacity to house more civic services.
  • An earth berm separates the CN railway line and the Montgomery Place neighbourhood.
  • The site has internal circulation roads and a signalized intersection on Valley Road.

Interesting Construction Facts

  • 1,250 KM of electrical wire pulled
  • 9 KM of fiber optic communication cable installed by SL&P - the largest installation by SL&P to date
  • 122 KM of pipe for heated floor in the Transit Facility
  • 1,650 light fixtures
  • 144,000 concrete blocks in the Transit Facility
  • Heat Recovery Units were lifted on to the roof of the Transit Facility by helicopter
  • Over 582,000 man hours worked with 0 lost time injuries
  • 94.5% of construction waste was recycled
  • 31,200 cubic metres of concrete in the Snow Management Pad
  • 12,101 cubic metres of concrete in the Transit Facility
  • 135,000 cubic metres of dirt moved to level the site (cut/fill)
  • 30,000 cubic metres of topsoil utilized for the berm construction

COC Public-Private Partnership

To qualify for federal government support, and realize taxpayer savings over the life of the project, the City entered into its first Public-Private Partnership (P3) with Integrated Team Solutions (ITS) through a competitive procurement process.The P3 approach is expected to deliver value for taxpayer dollars equivalent to $92.3 million over the lifecycle of the facilities – savings that could not have been achieved through a traditional Design-Bid-Build model. PPP Canada’s contribution to the $154 million project is $38.5 million.

  • Integrated Team Solutions (ITS) is a consortium comprised of EllisDon Capital Inc., Fengate Capital, EllisDon Corporation, and ENGIE.
  • Under contract with the City, ITS will maintain, repair and rehabilitate COC facilities for 25 years.
  • Penalty procedures are in place if ITS fails to meet the COC service delivery standards.
  • Over the 25-year period, the City retains full ownership of the facilities and will operate civic services as normal.

COC Timeline
  • January 2013 - Federal (PPP Canada) funding approved
  • September 2013 - RFQ issued for proponents
  • March 2014 - RFP issued for proponents
  • December 2014 -  Contract executed with ITS
  • January 2015 - Construction began
  • December 13, 2016 – Construction complete
  • January 2017 - Saskatoon Transit move in and Snow Management Facility operational
  • 2041 - End of contract with ITS

COC Project Archives


Frequently Asked Questions 

Construction Updates
COC Opens ahead of schedule and on budget (December 2016)

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City of Saskatoon Civic Operations Centre


On October 27, 2014, City Council awarded the Request for Proposals for the Preferred Proponent to ITS (Integrated Team Solutions) to design, build, finance and maintain the Transit Operations Facility, and a permanent Snow Management Facility, both located at the COC.

The timeline for Phase One of the COC will proceed as follows:

  • January 2013 - Federal (PPP Canada) funding approved
  • September 2013 - RFQ issued for proponents
  • March 2014 - RFP issued for proponents
  • December 2014 -  Contract executed with ITS
  • January 2015 - Construction began
  • January 2017 - Saskatoon Transit moves in and Snow Management Facility becomes operational
  • 2041 - End of contract with ITS

ITS is a consortium comprised of: EllisDon Capital Inc. – Developer and Finance Lead; Fengate Capital – Developer and Finance Lead; Kasian Architecture – Design Lead; EllisDon Corporation – Construction Lead; and ENGIE – FM (Facilities Management) Lead. 

A key component of our COC financing plan involves a “P3” or “public-private partnership.”

Pursuing alternative procurement, like P3, will allow us to pursue other priorities faster like the North Commuter Parkway with less risk and increased value to our citizens.

Cost-savings and improving service

The COC site will also help us improve cooperation and coordination between services, allowing divisions to share resources, tools and equipment, administrative and meeting space, and support functions like mechanical services. We also have direct access to the Circle Drive South Bridge and road system, allowing us to move equipment, materials, people and vehicles more quickly around the city.

All told, this project is a demonstration of our Strategic Plan in action, consistent with our goals tied to Environmental Leadership, Quality of Life for citizens, Continuous Improvement, and Asset and Financial Sustainability.

Saskatoon Transit Facility

The 450,000 square foot Saskatoon Transit Facility is LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). It has indoor storage for 224 buses and will accommodate the fleet expansion expected over the next 10 to 15 years. 

Saskatoon Transit Facility FAQ

The Saskatoon Transit Facility is fully equipped with:

  • a state-of-the-art maintenance shop including 27 bays with built-in hoists and mobile hoists
  • inspection pits
  • a transmission shop
  • a machine shop
  • an electronics shop
  • tire and battery shops
  • a body shop
  • a paint booth
  • two indoor bus washes with water recycling
  • fuelling stations
  • a bus shelter repair area
  • an upholstery shop
  • administration offices
  • a dispatch area
  • a fare collection room
  • meeting and training rooms

Snow Management Facility

The Snow Management Facility (SMF) is operated by the Roadways and Operations Division and is situated on a 14-acre concrete pad that has the capacity to store up to 1 million cubic metres of snow. When the snow naturally melts, the melt water runs through an oil and grit separator and into a melt water/storm water pond. The melt water then goes through a series of specially designed baffle curtains before being discharged in a controlled fashion into the storm water system. 

  • Storm water and meltwater management pond with inlet sand/oil/grit separator.
  • Roller compacted concrete surface to facilitate site operation maintenance and cleaning.
  • Geotextile material is in place to protect the soil and groundwater from infiltration and contamination, demonstrating commitment to Environmental Leadership.
  • Automated Access Control System capability.
  • Policies are in place to manage noise created by equipment and tailgate slamming.