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Sid Buckwold Bridge Rehabilitation

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The Senator Sid Buckwold Bridge will undergo a major rehabilitation beginning on April 15, 2019. The project will also include resurfacing the Idylwyld Drive ramps over 19th Street. 

To minimize the impact on traffic and eliminate the need for a full bridge closure, the rehabilitation will happen in two phases. Phase 1 will begin on the west side of the bridge and work will continue through the 2019 construction season. In the spring of 2020, Phase 2 work will begin on the east side of the bridge and continue through the 2020 construction season. 

Here is what the project entails and what the City plans to accomplish over the next two years:

  • Deck repairs and asphalt replacement
  • Resurfacing of the Idylwyld Drive ramps over 19th Street 
  • Strengthening of piers and steps to walkway
  • Barrier replacement
  • Walkway widening with taller barriers for improved pedestrian protection
  • New drainage system to reduce puddles, hydroplaning and splashing

The City’s preservation plan, with the results of the Deck Testing Program, identified the need for this rehabilitation project to ensure the bridge remains safe, serviceable and structurally sound. 

Traffic, Pedestrian and Transit Route Impacts


  • Two way traffic will be maintained during both phases of construction, however, there will be delays. Necessary adjustments will be made to traffic signals, construction signage will be in place and restrictions will be advertised through the media, on the City’s Daily Road Report, and on the City’s social media channels.
  • During Phase 1, the southbound lanes will be closed and 3 lanes will remain open on the east side of the bridge, allowing for 2 lanes for northbound traffic and 1 lane for southbound traffic. The walkway will remain open. For a visual, please refer to the 2019 & 2020 Construction Maps within the right column of this page.
  • During Phase 2, the northbound lanes and the walkway will be closed and the southbound lanes will be open, allowing for 2 lanes for southbound traffic and one lane for northbound traffic. For a visual, please refer to the 2019 & 2020 Construction Maps within the right column of this page.


  • The walkway below the north end of the bridge will remain open during both phases. The walkway below the south end of the bridge will be closed during some phases of work.


  • Starting April 15, delays can be expected on Transit routes 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 19, 20, 81, 82, 83, 84 and 86. Riders are encouraged to consult the mobile app called Transit for real-time bus information. The routes will be impacted for the duration of this year’s rehabilitation (approximately October 31st).

About the Sid Buckwold Bridge

The Senator Sid Buckwold Bridge officially opened on October 28, 1966. Originally named the Idylwyld Freeway, the bridge was re-named in 2001 in honour of Sid Buckwold, who was Mayor of Saskatoon when it was built. Built at a cost of $1.5 million, the bridge is 183 metres long and is located at the narrowest point on the river within Saskatoon. Approximately 41,700 vehicles travel over the Sid Buckwold Bridge every day.