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Budget & Tax Facts - FAQs

Does all of the property tax collected by the City, stay with the City? How is it distributed?

In Saskatoon, property tax dollars for 2015 were distributed this way:

2015 Tax distribution image

It’s important to know that only 54% of the total property tax collected is for the City of Saskatoon’s use.

The City is committed to reducing the reliance on property tax by exploring alternative funding sources and policies.


What are the City’s funding sources, where does revenue come from for the budget?

For 2015, the City has five funding sources.

The money collected is required for both the Operating and Capital budget.

Money coming in – is used to deliver over 70 services that city residents rely on – every day.

2015 Funding sources image

Provincial legislation states that money coming in must equal money going out. The City must balance its budget every year.

The City provides more than 70 services that residents rely on every day. Wondering how municipal tax dollars are distributed?

In Saskatoon, property tax dollars for 2015 were distributed this way:

2015 tax distribution image

The City of Saskatoon provides more than 70 services that residents rely on every day. 

City Council and Administration always have to make difficult decisions to ensure that the budget is balanced – and that they invest in what matters most to residents.

Operating & Capital …the two main building blocks of the City’s annual budget : Explained.
The Operating and Capital budgets form the two main building blocks of the City’s annual budget.
2015 taxes explained
The Operating budget is like you paying your house bills to keep the lights on. Just like in a typical household, the City’s day to day expenses go up with inflation.
The Capital budget pays for the new large infrastructure investments or for the rehabilitation of current assets under the City’s control.

A Saskatoon property with an Assessed Value of $325,000: Compare 2012 to 2015

Prior to the 2013 reassessment, this property had an assessed value of $174,600.

Tax Year Assessed
Value ($)
Tax ($)
Tax ($)
Tax ($)
Total ($)
2015 325,000.00 1,144.33 164.57 1,639.84 2,948.74
2012 174,600.00 1,162.31 153.36 1,385.90 2,701.57

To note: for this property, while the assessed value increased more than 85%, the total taxes increased less than 10% since 2012.

This is how the City Taxes for this property were dedicated to key services in 2015:

  % $
Police 21.50 352.57
Fire 12.10 198.42
Transportation 17.00 278.77
Dedicated to Roadways 6.50 106.59
Dedicated to Sound Walls 0.20 3.28
All other programs/services 42.70 700.21
Total 100% $1639.84

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