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City Employee Benefit Programs

The City of Saskatoon offers a wide range of benefits to support the health, well-being, and financial security of their employees and their families.

Already an employee?  For details on the benefit programs applicable to you, go to Employee Essentials on MyCity (intranet) which you can access from any browser. 

Benefits Package

Health Care

The City’s health​ plans are administered by Saskatchewan Blue Cross.  They provide eligible employees and their families with comprehensive coverage for prescriptions drugs, vision-care expenses, extended health care benefits such as massage and chiropractor services, emergency medical expenses while traveling outside of Canada, and dental care expenses.

Income Protection

The sick leave and disability programs provided by the City offer income protection to eligible employees in the event a short or long term illness or injury that prevents an employee from working.  In the unfortunate event of death or injury, additional benefits are available under the life and accident insurance plan.

Retirement Savings

The City’s pension plans are designed to help our employees save now to build financial security in retirement.  Defined Benefit and Target Benefit pension plans offer retirement benefits to permanent police, fire and general employees and one Defined Contribution pension plan offers retirement benefits to qualifying seasonal and casual employees:

 General Superannuation Bylaw
 Pension Plan – Seasonal & Non-Permanent Part-Time Employees
 Police Pension Plan Bylaw (for employees with service before *January 1, 2016)
 Fire Dept. Superannuation Bylaw (for employee with service before *January 1, 2016)

*Members of the Saskatoon Police Association (SCPA) and Saskatoon Professional Firefighters Association (IAFF 80) with service on or after January 1, 2016 are enrolled in the Saskatoon Police Pension Plan and the Saskatoon Firefighter’s Pension Plan.  For more information about these plans, contact the applicable association or visit their respective websites at:

Each pension plan is administered by a Board of Trustees which include individuals appointed by City Council, employee representatives and an independent member.  The Boards establish investment objectives and policies for the pension funds and monitor performance and funding requirements. 

Work/Life Balance Support

In recognition of the need for employees to maintain a work/life balance, whether they have personal interests or pursuits, have a family, or are caregivers for loved ones, in addition to twelve statutory holidays and annual vacation leave, the City offers eligible employees:

  • earned days off or scheduled days off
  • pressing necessity days
  • bereavement leave
  • personal leave

More information can be obtained in the applicable Collective Agreement.

Health & Wellness Resources

The health and wellbeing of our employees is an important part of a productive work environment.  The City supports this through the following programs:

  • Employee Wellness Subsidization, providing employees subsidies on leisure card purchases
  • Employee Bulk Tickets for Indoor Leisure Centres
  • Exercise Equipment Purchase Plan
  • Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP), offering counseling services
  • ECO Pass, discounted bus passes for employees who use public transit.

Career Growth and Development

To support your career growth and to keep you engaged your work, the City partners with consultants to offer a variety of in-house training and development courses.  In addition, to further enhance your learning opportunities, eligible employees have access to:

  • Education leave
  • Tuition & Materials Reimbursement
  • Computer Purchase Program

Benefit eligibility and coverage levels may vary depending upon your employment status and your union/employment group affiliation.  Some benefits may not be available.  Applicable waiting periods apply.  In the event of any error or misunderstanding, the terms of the applicable plan policy/bylaw/collective agreement will apply.