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City Council, Boards & Committees

Agendas, Minutes & Video

Get agendas, minutes and meeting video for upcoming and past (back to April 2016) City Council and its Committee meetings.  Please visit Council Archived Agenda & Minutes and Boards & Committee Archived Agenda & Minutes for meetings held prior to April 2016.

Live Video

View live streaming video of public City Council, Standing Policy Committees, and Governance and Priorities Committee meetings.


View archived agendas, minutes, and video for past City Council meetings. Download reports from City Council. View the Councillors' Code of Conduct. Write a letter to City Council.

Boards & Committees

View archived agendas, minutes, and video for past Committee meetings.  Get information pertaining to Committee mandates and appointments as well as contact information for City of Saskatoon standing policy committees,  advisory committees, and quasi-judicial boards.