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Let’s Talk 2020

Lets Talk 2020

 Let's Talk 2020 with Mayor Charlie Clark

It’s time to renew the City’s strategic plan and City Council is opening up its process to the public.

Let’s Talk 2020 is a series of engagement opportunities between City Council and the public that enable citizens to let us know what the City’s priorities should be over the next four years (2017-2020).

The world is changing and cities are at the forefront of navigating these changes – from the global economy and resources, to climate change, income inequality, and technology. Saskatoon is no different.

What will it take for Saskatoon to be the best run city in Canada? To be a model city, agile at adapting to changes, leading the province in quality of life and building a sense of shared purpose among our increasingly diverse citizens.

Change can be difficult for cities, and it is important that citizens feel informed and confident about how decisions are being made about the future, especially in the face of change.

This is an invitation for you to become involved learn about the issues facing our community, and be a part of the conversation about the city we can become. 

To kick things off, the January 16, 2017 "Let's Talk Trends" event provided an opportunity to explore how Saskatoon will be shaped into the future. Karen Thoreson, President of the Alliance for Innovation, a network of innovative cities and countries across the United States, assisted with this assessment. The Alliance’s new research, “The Next Big Things: The Next 20 Years in Local Government”, highlights 44 trends that could impact communities in the next generation. They are categorized in the areas of Resource, Technology, Demographic and Governance Trends.

This was an exciting opportunity for Saskatoon since it was the first time the Alliance for Innovation had a City Council and members of the public involved in this type of planning process.  The event was complemented with presentations from Saskatoon experts offering local perspectives.  All of this together will strengthen our ability to ensure the four year priorities are consistent with longer term plans that address complex trends affecting Saskatoon over the next twenty years. 


"Let's Talk Trends" Event

Thanks to everyone who participated in the January 16, 2017 "Let's Talk Trends" event at City Hall! If you missed it, you can watch the video here. The "Let's Talk Trends" event starts at 1:41:45 (following the regular meeting of the Governance and Priorities Committee meeting).

Presentation Summaries:
Check this page for presentation summaries.

"Let's Talk Trends" Event Details

January 16, 2017
City Council Chambers – 222 3rd Avenue North
6:00 p.m.     Karen Thoreson, President of the Alliance for Innovation
7:00 p.m.     Presentation from Saskatoon Local Experts ​ 
8:30 p.m.     Mayor & Councillor Meet & Greet (City Hall Lobby)

In Person:
Join us in person in City Council Chambers starting at 6:00 p.m. Parking is available at the back of City Hall on 4th Avenue North.

Live Online:
Watch the presentation live on Shaw TV (Channel 10)
View on the City Live Stream 


Saskatoon citizens care about their community and want to help shape its future. It is important to open the process and engage citizens in these conversations about what Saskatoon will look like in four years from now, to seven generations from now.

Check back here for updates and future opportunities to be part of the conversation.

Join the Panel 

Saskatoon City Council and Administration value your input on a variety of City initiatives, programs and services. We encourage you to sign up on the Citizen Advisory Panel to receive invitations to future online engagement opportunities.