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Workforce Diversity


“The City of Saskatoon's workforce represents the diversity of Saskatoon's population” is  a long-term target.  The target measures the percentage of City of Saskatoon employees in four groups:  females, Aboriginal people, people with disabilities, and visible minorities.

How are we doing?

In July 2016, the City of Saskatoon continued to have a gap in employment of all equity groups relative to the 2014 SHRC targets. However, the City is now using  data and analytics to continually move toward the 2014 SHRC targets in a systematic manner.

Data Table
Employment Equity Group Representation
  Female Aboriginal People with Disabilities Visible Minority
2016 City Employees (%) 38.5 8.5 3.8 10.4
2014 SHRC Goals (%) 46.0 14.0 12.4 11.0
2011 Saskatoon Population Aged 15-74 (%) 50.9 8.8 7.6 12.3

For more information please see the attached report Workforce Diversity

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