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Population Growth and Rate of Change

“Population growth and rate of change” are indicators of sustainable growth.  Population growth is a fundamental driver of the City’s business plan and budget planning process.  

How are we doing?

The City of Saskatoon estimated our December 31, 2016 population to be 265,300. This estimate is based on a projected annual growth rate of 1.9% from July 2016 to year end. While the growth rate is lower than what Saskatoon has been experiencing in recent years, the key point is that the city is still experiencing solid population growth. 

Data Table
Population Growth and Rate of Change
  July 08 July 09 July 10 July 11 July 12 July 13 July 14 July 15 July 16 July 17(F) July 18(F)
Statistics Canada, July Annual Estimate 214944 220016 225137 230473 239420 247069 253374 258068 262900    
Population Projection - 1.0% growth rate                 262900 265529 268184
Population Projection - 1.5% growth rate                 262900 266844 270847
Population Projection - 2.0% growth rate                 262900 268158 273521


Population growth and growth rate are indicators of sustainable growth and community success.  The overall vision of the City of Saskatoon’s (CoS) Strategic Plan 2013-2023 is to continue to grow and prosper.  Population growth is necessary to provide sufficient labour for Saskatoon’s continued economic growth.  Population growth also provides opportunity for other aspects of the community to grow and diversify including business, education, culture, recreation, and overall financial stability.

Population growth is a fundamental driver of the City’s business plan and budget planning process.  City infrastructure investments are based on population growth. The return on those investments often depends on further growth.   

How are other cities doing?

Although population growth has slowed in Saskatoon in the past year, a 1.9% (CoS) or 2.0% (StatsCan) is still strong growth. Saskatoon’s growth rate is comparable to other Western Canadian cities. 

Growth Rate Comparison with other Cities

Source:  Statistics Canada


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