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Saskatoon Strides

At the City of Saskatoon, we have a strong commitment to continuous improvement and are always looking for better ways to improve performance. In 2012, City Council approved the Strategic Plan, within it are the strategic goals, one of these being A Culture of Continuous Improvement.

The Continuous Improvement (CI) Strategy is a corporate-wide approach to ensuring services and processes are efficiently designed and effective in meeting the needs of citizens. Performance Improvement Coordinators are integral in employing the CI Strategy. Members of the PIC team work with staff at all levels across the corporation to develop program documentation, work instruction standards, training modules, define service levels, and implement improvement ideas. 

Since its inception, work under the CI Strategy has identified more than $400M in reduced expenditures, deferred costs, time savings, and additional revenues. To learn more about the CI activities being led by performance improvement staff at the City of Saskatoon click on any our recent reports below.


Report Title 

Year Published

Continuous Improvement Strategy 2017 Update


The Special Events Internal Process Review


2015 Internal Process Review Report (pages 73 - 81)


The Fleet Services Civic Service Review: Phase 1 Report (pages 47- 60)


The Roadways Civic Service Review (pages 66 - 86)


The Parks Civic Service Review (pages 85 - 101)



To learn about the latest improvement initiatives and actions the City of Saskatoon has undertaken click on any of the Saskatoon Strides: Our Report on Service, Savings and Sustainability reports under the related documents heading along the right-hand side of the screen.  This report summarizes the progress we are making to drive service improvements, create savings for tax payers, and operate more sustainably across the city.