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Legal Claim Information

How to make a claim against The City of Saskatoon

If you wish to make a claim against the City for damages you have suffered as a result of the City’s activities, please send a letter to the following address describing the circumstances of your claim.

The City of Saskatoon
c/o City Solicitor’s Office
222 – 3rd Avenue North
Saskatoon SK  S7K 0J5
Attn: Claims Administration
Email Us

PLEASE NOTE that pursuant to The Cities Act, C-11.1, S.S., 2002:

  1. You must have notified the City within 30 days from the time of the incident that caused your loss in order to be able to make your claim; and,
  2. If we cannot agree on a resolution of the matter and you decide you want to sue the City for your damages, you must have the court issue your legal Statement of Claim and you must serve it on the City within one year from the date of the incident.

Your letter or email should set out in detail the location of the incident, with reference to landmarks or addresses nearby, the date and time of the occurrence, details of the incident, what kind of damage occurred to your property, and what you are claiming for. If you have photographs of the damage, or can safely take photographs of the item that caused the damage, please include them. If you have an invoice for repairs or an estimate, please include that with your claim, or if you get one later, you can send it in then. Once we get your claim, we will confirm that we have received it, and we will begin to investigate the matter. The City's investigations typically take four to eight weeks to complete. Once the investigation is concluded, we will advise you of whether or not the City is willing to accept liability. The City pays all claims for which it is legally liable.