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 What you  can expect from us

  1. Our goal is to provide at least one point of contact in each department to assist citizens with inquiries and requests.
  2. Service points – like City Hall – will be reconfigured so citizens can easily find and connect with the friendly, front-line experts they need.
  3. Human Resources will collaborate with various departments to ensure employees have the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to increase customer satisfaction.
  4. Customer Service Representatives will be helpful, prompt, friendly and knowledgeable in addressing citizen questions, requests or concerns.
  5. Ensuring these people have the information, technology, and resources they need to serve citizens is essential.

 How you can help us

  1. Make the time to provide positive or constructive feedback when you interact with City staff. Your feedback will help us in our continuous improvement efforts.


Current Initiatives

Last updated: Summer 2018

New Intranet To Improve Staff Communication

  • Work continues on the development of a new intranet site to help keep staff informed and involved in citizen service improvement initiatives.

Website Subject Matter Experts

  • Ongoing staff training is held on our website content management system to ensure we are able to keep information current and relevant.

Innovation Fair

  • An Innovation Fair was held in June to showcase the process improvements and innovations that City employees at all levels have made over the past year.

New Customer Service Training

  • Service Saskatoon has created 3 new customer service training programs for the organization. They focus on the fundamentals of customer service, the culture of customer service and empowering employees to become service ambassadors.  The intention is to provide consistent training to all staff and set the expectations of our service delivery model.
  • Culture of Service Workshop is a full day training session for all employees. Creating an Exceptional Citizen Services Team is a ½ day session for Managers and Supervisors. Customer Service for Field Staff is 2 hours and provides tips and tricks to help with effective communication in the field.

Employee Engagement Survey

  • Approximately half of the City’s workforce completed the Employee Engagement Survey, which will give valuable feedback on how to create a culture where everyone feels their ideas and contributions matter and they’re treated with respect and integrity. The independent survey company is currently analyzing the online and hard-copy submissions. Survey results will be available to all staff this fall. Work will begin on areas of improvement right away with groups of staff forming subcommittees and tasked with developing action plans/programs to address specific areas identified.