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Aboriginal Leadership Program

Urban Aboriginal Program

A leader must be brave enough to raise their voice and act. Leaders are an inspiration to others, and help people achieve a common goal.

Some leaders are born, but others are made. Unlock your potential to lead with the City of Saskatoon's Urban Aboriginal Leadership Program.

The program is an umbrella for a variety of exciting experiences that teach you how to be a leader in Saskatoon. Which project grabs your attention?

  • Aboriginal Lifeguard Program
  • Adult & Community Leadership Development
  • Recruitment of Summer Program Staff
  • Atoske Skills & Employment Summer Training Camp
  • Yearly Youth Leadership Summits

The Aboriginal role models who participate in our programs are vital to our communities. We want to see you as a leader at our leisure centres, in our community associations, at community events, and as a volunteer in the city.


Atoske Summer Training Program

The Atoske summer training program is an excellent opportunity for students to stregthen their academic and life skills, while exploring various careers offered through the City of Saskatoon. These skills are essential for future employment with the City of Saskatoon and other youth serving agencies. This camp provides an enviornment in which such skills can be acquired.

The following testimonials were provided from graduates of the Atoske skills development program.

 Atoske Program Graduate-  Hailey Lavallee
 ​Atoske Program Graduate-  JoHannah Angus
 ​Atoske Program Graduate - Joshua Scott
 ​Atoske Program Graduate - Robin Worm


Program Objectives

  • To encourage more Urban Aboriginals to become leaders in sports, culture, and recreation activities.
  • To see additional Aboriginal residents on community boards and committees.
  • To increase awareness of opportunities and resources for leadership development, and increase awareness of the help that's available to access these opportunities.
  • To recruit summer program staff for the City of Saskatoon.
  • To create new leadership development opportunities within the Urban Aboriginal community.
  • To collaborate and partner with community based organizations and businesses.

What are you waiting for? Take the lead.