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Community Associations

Youth Soccer Program

Community associations are non-profit organizations run by volunteers in your neighbourhood. 

Community Associations volunteers:

  • offer affordable sport, culture and recreational programs in the fall, winter and spring
  • share local information in community newsletters, a website and social media
  • Own and run the free community outdoor rink
  • Organize community events, such as neighbourhood clean-ups, BBQs and special events in the park.

For a full list of their programs and how to register, please click on your community association below. 

Volunteer or Instruct for your Community Association

  • Volunteer - make friends, share your knowledge and expertise, get exercise or build your resume with positive work experience. 
  • Instruct for the Community Associations and turn your passion into money in 3 easy steps…

    1. If you are experienced in a sport, culture or recreational activity, one of Saskatoon’s 49 Community Associations may want to hire you. 

    2. Call 306-321-7994 or email for more information, and to share your resume.

    3. You can pick the program times and locations that work best for you. You’re free to accept or decline any offers

Interested in volunteering, want to see what programs Community Associations are offering, or register? Click on your neighbourhood below, or type in your address to find out what neighbourhood you live in. You can also call 306-975-3378 or email to be connected to your Community Association.