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Apartment fire at 530 25th Street East

For immediate release: January 26, 2020 - 6:54pm

Apartment fire at 530 25th Street East

For immediate release: January 26, 2020

At 3: 23 this afternoon the Saskatoon Fire Department received a residential fire signal at a thirteen story residential apartment building.  The initial arriving Engine company officer found nothing showing from the exterior of the building.  Crews entering the building located smoke on the third floor from a fire confined to a single residential suite.  Fire crews evacuated most residents from the building, those with mobility issues were sheltered in their suites.

Upon entering into the fire suite, fire crews noted the fire had been extinguished by the buildings fire suppression, sprinkler system.  However, heavy smoke remained throughout the third floor.  As a result higher than normal levels of Carbon Monoxide were noted on the third floor and above.  Those residents who exited the building were sheltered in the neighboring YWCA building until it was deemed safe to re-enter their suites. 

Fire Crews conducted Positive Pressure Ventilation floor by floor to evacuate any smoke and toxic gasses.  Measures were also take to prevent any excessive water damage from the buildings fire suppression system. Once CO levels throughout the build returned to zero residents were allowed to return to their suites.

A Fire Department Investigator has deemed the cause of the fire as a result of a candle which ignited stationery on a desk.  Due to the significant amount of water from the sprinklers system, damage is estimated at $100,000.00