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Five new firefighter-paramedics begin proudly serving Saskatoon and area

For immediate release: November 29, 2019 - 2:00pm

Today, the Saskatoon Fire Department is proud to welcome five new firefighter-paramedics to begin serving the residents and visitors of Saskatoon and surrounding area.

“Each of the five probationary firefighter-paramedics have demonstrated the knowledge, character, and desire to serve that makes our department truly unique”, says Fire Chief Morgan Hackl. “This is a day to celebrate their accomplishment.”

All five of the firefighter-paramedics are certified to the level of Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) and are licensed through the Saskatchewan College of Paramedics. The Saskatoon Fire Department has committed to having every fire crew staffed with firefighter-paramedics who are trained, prepared, and experienced in operating on high-hazard emergency scenes.

As the second round of onboarding that has occurred in 2019, these firefighter-paramedics demonstrate the Saskatoon Fire Department’s commitment towards enhanced front-line emergency care and the investment that City Council continues to make in emergency services.

“The Saskatoon Fire Department’s ability to help residents and visitors of Saskatoon in a wide scope of emergencies makes our department a captivating and fulfilling place to work; it also makes our city a great place to live.” adds Hackl.