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Haz-Mat Response - Suspicious Substance - 115 Avenue H South

For immediate release: November 13, 2019 - 12:54pm

At approximately 11:22 this morning, the Saskatoon Fire Department and Emergency Management Organization were alerted by the Saskatoon Police Service to a suspicious substance found in a mail processing facility located at 115 Avenue H South.

One fire engine, one haz-mat unit, one decontamination unit, one mobile command unit, and one battalion chief were dispatched for immediate response. 

Upon arrival of the first responding fire engine, two employees of the facility that had come into contact with the substance were placed into isolation and the facility was evacuated and secured. The Emergency Management Organization notified the Saskatoon Public Schools Division and brought a representative on site to ensure operations with a nearby school were not affected. On arrival of the haz-mat unit and decontamination unit, a plan was established and crews prepared for entry to the facility; haz-mat crews performed tests of the substance involved and quickly confirmed it to be non-hazardous.

The Saskatoon Police Service restricted traffic in the area for the duration of this incident. The Saskatoon Fire Department and the Emergency Management Organization have concluded on scene and the facility has been turned back over to management.

There were no injuries reported as a result of this incident and there is no risk to public safety.