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Holiday considerations: candles and cooking

For immediate release: December 24, 2019 - 11:19am

The holidays are a time of celebration and cheer; with traditions and gatherings filling the homes of many, the Saskatoon Fire Department reminds residents to be mindful of fire safety in and around their homes when decking the halls.


Many people choose to use candles year-round; however, the holiday season tends to bring an increase in the number of households lighting candles as part of their holiday tradition or as a decorative addition to their home. Whatever the purpose, always be sure to put the candle out when you are not around to enjoy it. Unattended candles have the potential to make your holiday not so merry and bright. Take the time to consider where you are placing your candle and what combustible materials may be around. Additionally, battery-powered candles can provide a realistic glow while reducing the risk of a fire in your home. 


Holiday meals and seasonal baking are must-haves each year; however, the Saskatoon Fire Department reminds the head-chefs, top bakers, and those aspiring to be to remain present while cooking and/or baking this holiday season. Stay in the kitchen, focused and alert on your task, to prevent unintentionally inviting the Saskatoon Fire Department to your home for a burnt offering this holiday season. For meals that may take additional time to cook and/or prepare, the use of a timer can act as a reminder in monitoring your meal.

The Saskatoon Fire Department wishes all a safe holiday season; from our halls to yours, happy holidays!

In an emergency, call 911 immediately.