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Street Sweeping

Street sweeping

Each fall, as the weather slowly turns toward winter, the leaves change colour and begin to fall from the trees. At this time, usually mid- to late- October, the City sweeps on streets with a dense tree canopy to collect leaves that can block catch basins and prevent proper drainage during the spring snow melt. Neighbourhoods affected are Buena Vista, Caswell Hill, City Park, Holiday Park, King George, Mayfair, Nutana, Riversdale and Varsity View.

Enter your address to find your street sweeping day.

If your address contains a unit and building number please separate them with a hyphen. For example: A-123 Ave O S.

Fall Sweeping Schedule October 15 - 24
  • Buena Vista​​ - October 16 (Avenues) & 24 (Streets)
  • Nutana - October 16 (West Streets), 19 (East Streets) & 24 (Avenues)
  • Varsity View (North) – North of 14th Street E Only - October 15 (Avenues) & 19 (Streets)
  • Holiday Park - Avenues Only - October 17
  • King George - Avenues Only​ - October 17
  • Riversdale* - Avenues Only​ - October 23
  • Caswell Hill* - East of Avenue H Only - October 18 (Streets) & 22 (Avenues)
  • Mayfair* - Avenues Only - October 22
  • City Park* - East of 3rd Avenue and South of Duchess Street - October 15 (Streets), 18 (Even Avenues) & 23 (Odd Avenues)

* Business Improvement Districts will be swept separately

 What you can expect from us

  1. Street sweeping occurs in nine neighbourhoods where trees make a canopy over the street, creating a blanket of leaves that can block catch basins. Affected neighbourhoods are Buena Vista, Caswell Hill, City Park, Holiday Park, King George, Mayfair, Nutana, Riversdale and Varsity View.
  2. Streets scheduled for sweeping will be posted with yellow "No Parking" signs between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Street Sweeping Service Alerts if there is a change to the residential sweeping schedule. NOTE: Not all roads in these neighbourhoods will be scheduled for sweeping.
  3. Sweepers will clean along the curbs only, to collect as many leaves as possible within the short 2-week timeline.
  4. Street sweeping requires above zero temperatures and minimal moisture to be effective. Scheduled sweeping may be suspended during heavy rain and if snow collects. If sweeping resumes, it will follow the original schedule and we will attempt to return after November 1.
  5. If weather permits, City crews will resume leaf removal in Exhibition and areas within the designated nine neighbourhoods that were not swept after November 1. Signs will not be posted for this work and crews will remove as many leaves as possible using different equipment, moving around parked vehicles.

 How you can help us

  1. If you live in Buena Vista, Caswell Hill, City Park, Holiday Park, King George, Mayfair, Nutana, Riversdale and Varsity View, search your sweep day and plan alternative parking for your vehicles.
  2. Watch for yellow No Parking signs beginning October 13 and remove your vehicle by 8 a.m. on the posted sweeping day to avoid a ticket and/or relocation to a nearby street. Check Find My Vehicle! if your vehicle is moved. Most areas are scheduled is phases, to provide alternate parking within the neighbourhood.
  3. Watch for slow moving sweeping equipment on the road and stay back for everyone's safety. The operator may not see you approaching, as they are focussed on the work area. Please call our 24-hour customer service centre if you have any questions at 306-975-2476.
  4. Report locations where residents have illegally pushed excessive leaves onto the street to the Bylaw Inspector at 306-975-3193. City Bylaw Inspectors will investigate and violators may receive a fine. Applicable City Bylaws are: Bylaw No. 7200 The Traffic Bylaw, Bylaw No. 5713 Waste and Dumping, Bylaw No. 8310 The Waste Bylaw.