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Residential Parking Program

Many residential areas across Saskatoon experience significant on-street parking congestion, usually generated by a nearby hospital, university, or business district.  The Residential Parking Program (RPP) was established to minimize this congestion by limiting non-resident parking to a maximum amount of time so that on-street space is continuously made available in these areas.  

Residents of an RPP zone may be able to purchase an RPP permit which allows them to park their vehicle near their homes beyond the posted time limit.  Parking Enforcement vehicles regularly patrol RPP zones. Vehicles parked on the street beyond the posted time limit are ticketed if they do not display a valid RPP permit. Residents of apartments or multi-unit dwellings can contact Customer Services at 306-975-2400  to find out if they are eligible.

Current RPP zones in Saskatoon:

Limited Residential Parking Program (LRPP)

Some neighbourhoods experience parking congestion that is contained within a few blocks, rather than spread over a larger area.  Congestion in these areas is typically caused by a nearby hospital, high school, or religious institution.  Just like an RPP zone, maximum time limits are imposed for non-resident vehicles within the LRPP zone while permitted resident vehicles are able to park beyond the maximum.  

Unlike RPP zones, LRPP zones are not continuously patrolled by Parking Enforcement vehicles.  Residents must contact Parking Enforcement at 306-975-8344 to report unpermitted vehicles that are parked beyond the posted time limit. 

Current LRPP zones in Saskatoon:

Establishing or Modifying a Zone


Residential Parking Program (RPP) zones must:

  • be located in a predominantly residential neighbourhood
  • have a shortage of on-street parking, verified through a parking study
  • be a minimum of 10 block faces
  • be supported by at least 70% of residences on each block
    • 70% of those who support the program must be willing to purchase permits

Limited Residential Parking Program (LRPP) zones must:

  • be located within 150 metres of a high traffic generator, as determined by Parking Services
  • have a shortage of on-street parking, verified through a parking study
  • be supported by at least 50% of residences within the area
    • 50% of those who support the program must be willing to purchase permits

Please see the  Residential Parking Program Bylaw for more details on eligibility.


Zone Creation and Modification 

The general process for establishing an RPP or LRPP zone is as follows:

  1. Residents submit a petition to Parking Services to have an RPP or LRPP zone established in their area.
  2. Parking Services conducts a parking study to verify the parking congestion issue.
  3. Parking Services submits a report to City Council requesting approval of the new RPP or LRPP zone.
  4. If approved the RPP Bylaw is amended, signs are installed in the area, permits become available for purchase, and enforcement of the new zone begins.

If residents on the immediate outskirts of an RPP or LRPP zone wish to be included in the zone, they must go through the above process.  If residents no longer want an RPP or LRPP zone in their area, or wish to modify the time limits within their zone, they must submit a petition to Parking Services.  Please note that City Council will receive only one amendment to each zone per year; residents are encouraged to coordinate with neighbouring blocks, if applicable.

To request a blank petition or for more information email Parking Services.

Permits, Fees, and Eligibility

Permits can be purchased at Customer Service on the main floor of City Hall (222 3rd Ave North).

Resident Permit

  • $25.00 plus applicable taxes. 
    • Prorated to $12.50 if purchased six months after the zone's permit renewal date.
  • For residents of an RPP or LRPP zone. 
  • Not transferable between vehicles (i.e. permit is issued to a specific vehicle). 
  • Limit one permit per resident.

Visitor Permit

  • $5.00 plus applicable taxes, or $25.00 plus taxes if purchased in place of a resident permit.
    • Prorated to $2.50 (or $12.50) if purchased six months after the zone's permit renewal date.
  • For residents of an RPP zone to provide to their visitors as needed. 
  • Transferable between vehicles. 
  • Limit one permit per residence. 
  • Not available in LRPP zones.

Temporary Permit

  • $1.00 per day plus applicable taxes.
  • For short-term use by residents and non-residents.
  • Valid only for the dates indicated on the permit.
  • Not available in LRPP zones.


All applicants are required to prove that they reside within an RPP or LRPP zone by providing a current driver's license and vehicle registration, along with any one of the following documents:

  • utility bill
  • phone/internet/cable bill
  • residence confirmation from landlord
  • lease agreement

Applicants of eligible apartment buildings must provide a letter from the landlord stating that the dwelling unit does not have an assigned off-street parking space.

In instances where the resident is not the registered owner of the vehicle, but is the principal operator, the owner must sign an affidavit declaring possession of that vehicle.

Persons driving corporate vehicles must provide proof of employment with the corporation or ownership of the corporation. An employment contract, a letter on corporate letterhead signed by an official of the company, shareholder agreement, business card, etc. are all acceptable forms of documentation.

For more information about RPP permits, contact Parking Services at 306-975-2400 or send us an email.