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FlexParking FAQ

The City's FlexParking system makes paying for parking easy in Saskatoon.  Simply purchase parking from any FlexParking station (or by using the WayToPark app) and your paid session is valid at any public parking space across Saskatoon.   View the map! 

Below are answers to common questions about Saskatoon's FlexParking system. 

How do I use the FlexParking pay stations?

Once you have parked your vehicle, find a FlexParking station. Tip: You do not have to use the one closest to your vehicle. Find the station that is most convenient to you!

  1. Enter your vehicle licence plate number
  2. Pay for the amount of parking time you need
  3. Check that your payment information and license plate number is correct, then confirm your transaction
  4. Print a receipt (OPTIONAL)

That’s it! Your vehicle is validated to park for the amount of time purchased. You do not need to display a receipt or ticket on your dashboard.

If you make a mistake, as long as you haven’t confirmed your transaction, you can cancel your purchase at any time and start over.

For assistance with the FlexParking stations, please call 306-975-2548.


Why do I have to enter my license plate number?

Parking Enforcement uses license plate numbers to identify which parked vehicles have paid for parking and which have not, at any given time. Without a plate number or with an incorrect plate number, Parking Enforcement officers cannot confirm that you have paid to park your vehicle in a public space. They cannot search for a similar plate number or confirm your payment with the wrong information.

Vehicles with license plate numbers that have no valid record of payment will be ticketed.

Do I need to take a receipt?

A receipt is not required to validate your transaction. Entering your correct license plate number, paying for your session, and confirming your transaction is all you have to do. If you do not want a receipt, simply follow the instructions on the display panel to skip this option.

If you require reimbursement from your employer or if you prefer to keep paper records of your transactions, a receipt may be useful to you. Simply follow the instructions on the display panel to print your receipt.


Can I park in different metered areas with one FlexParking purchase?

Yes! Your paid session at a FlexParking station is valid in any metered parking space across the city until it expires. This does not apply to private lots or restricted parking areas.

For example, if you purchase three hours of parking at a downtown FlexParking station at 10:00am, you can finish your business downtown and move to Riversdale, then Broadway, then any other FlexParking area until your session expires at 1:00pm. Please note that your session does not pause while you are driving.


When do I have to pay for parking?

Public parking in Saskatoon requires payment from 9:00am to 6:00pm, Monday to Saturday. Payment is not required outside these hours, on Sundays, or on statutory holidays.

Payment is only required in metered parking areas. Watch for "Pay Parking Zone" signs.


I have a meeting or appointment from 8:30 am to 9:30 am, how do I pay for the last half hour?

Meters accept payment from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. Payments made before 9:00 am will be held until 9:00 am, so you can pay for the needed 30 minutes of paid parking at 8:30 am.


How much does public parking cost in Saskatoon?

The current public parking rate is $2.00 per hour, with a minimum purchase of $0.25 (7.5 minutes).

This rate does not apply to private lots. Private parking rates are set independently.


Do I need exact change?

Yes. If you are paying with coin you'll need to use exact change, just like with old coin meters.


Can I pay with bills?

No. FlexParking stations are not equipped to accept bills. Stations accept coin, credit card, or City Card only.


Do pay stations provide change?

FlexParking stations are outfitted with a coin return slot for coins that aren't recognized by the machine. If you try to pay with change that doesn't register time, please check the coin return slot below the instruction panel.

FlexParking stations will not calculate or give change for accepted purchases. For example, a $2 coin can only be used to purchase one hour of parking. The pay station will not give change if you wish to purchase less than an hour with a $2 coin.


Do pay stations accept credit cards?

Yes. Visa and MasterCard are accepted at all FlexParking stations.


Do pay stations accept debit cards?

No. The FlexParking payment system is not set up to accept debit cards at this time.


I have an old City Card. Can I use it at a FlexParking station?

No. Old City Cards are not compatible with the new FlexParking system. Balances on old City Cards can be transferred onto the new City Parking Card or refunded. Visit City Hall or contact us for more information.


Where do I get a new City Parking Card? How much do they cost?

Parking cards are available for purchase at the City Hall Payment Centre (cashiers).

  • The $5.00 fee is a non-refundable deposit fee. 
  • Parking cards are re-loadable at the City Hall Payment Centre.
  • You can check your card balance at
  • Parking cards are for use at City of Saskatoon parking terminals only.
  • City is not responsible for lost or stolen cards. 


Can I be refunded for unused time?

No. Just like with old coin meters, there are no refunds for unused time that has been purchased.

That said, your FlexParking purchase is valid in any metered parking space across Saskatoon. If you have unused time left on your paid session, you can park in any other FlexParking area until it expires.


What do I do if a pay station is temporarily out of service?

If a pay station is out-of-order, use the next nearest pay station to pay for your parking session. A pay station being out of service does not mean you do not have to pay for parking.


What if I get a ticket while I am paying at a pay station?


    First, please be respectful to the officer. If you have a received a paper ticket containing an error, it can be corrected through a daily quality assurance process or;through the “Request to review” (RTR) process.      Please note that it is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to properly enter their license plate as this does not constitute an error. Please call 306-975-2400to initiate an RTR if you believe that an error has          been made by the Parking Services staff.


    All parking tickets go through a review system, where tickets that have been issued during a paid parking session are canceled before they're entered into the city's parking ticket system. If the Parking     

    Enforcement Coordinator sees that a ticket was issued immediately before or anytime throughout a paid session, they will cancel the ticket at their discretion. We encourage you to wait 2 business days and

    then check if your ticket is still valid searching for your ticket number.

How long can I park in one space for?

Maximum parking time limits vary by location across the city. Watch for signs wherever you are parking.

If you have reached the posted time limit but need more time in the area, move your vehicle to another block face, e.g. around the corner or across the street. Remember that your paid session is valid in any space in any FlexParking area until it expires.