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City Park, Riversdale focus of 2019 water & sewer upgrades

For immediate release: May 29, 2019 - 3:20pm

The City continues to replace the water and sewer lines in two of Saskatoon’s oldest neighbourhoods. This year, the priority is the City Park and Riversdale neighbourhoods where work has been underway for a few weeks.

“The water and sewer lines in these neighbourhoods are about 100 years old,” says Matt Jurkiewicz (yurr-KEV’-ich), Interim Director, Construction and Design. “The replacement projects include upgrading the pipes and also replacing the lead connections to homes that are also outdated.”

Work began in the City Park neighbourhood during the 2018 construction season. In Riversdale, this is the first of a two-year water and sewer upgrade. Phasing the work over a few construction seasons ensures the work is not spread across the entire neighbourhood at once, containing most of the construction to one area at a time.

“We appreciate the cooperation and patience of residents affected by the work, which once complete, will have several benefits,” Jurkiewicz says “They’ll experience improved water pressure once the new lines are in and water main breaks will be less likely during the winter.”

Other benefits include the restoration of streets where work is taking place, resulting in new driving surfaces and in some locations, new or rehabilitated sidewalks.

Earlier this year, the City’s Construction and Design team held open houses in both neighbourhoods and regularly distributes project updates to affected residents to outline the latest project details and timelines. Information is also available online at

The 2019 portion of water and sewer infrastructure upgrades in City Park and Riversdale is expected to wrap up by the end of October or before the first significant snowfall.