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City warns of texting/email scam notifying residents of utility refund

For immediate release: May 14, 2019 - 11:00am

The City of Saskatoon is warning residents about a texting/email scam where scammers pose as City of Saskatoon staff. 

The City was contacted by concerned residents who received what they perceived as scam texts and emails from someone posing as Saskatoon Light & Power. 

The scam texts and emails reportedly indicated that the resident had a utility refund caused by a payment system problem, and gave a link to provide banking information and collect funds.  

A reminder to residents that the City of Saskatoon does not request or collect credit card or bank account information from customers via text. For setting up direct debit or for TIPPS, the City would typically collect banking information through application forms. 

It is important not to click on suspicious web links. Never give out your personal information or credit card number over the phone. It is a best practice to block the phone number and delete after reporting. 

A reminder that these types of online scams can be reported to Saskatoon Police Service at or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center. 

Concerned residents may also call a City of Saskatoon Customer Service Representative at 306-975-2400.