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Fall sweeping begins Monday; nine neighbourhoods affected

For immediate release: October 12, 2018 - 8:00am

Sweeping begins Monday on streets with a dense tree canopy to collect leaves that can block catch basins and prevent proper drainage during the spring snow melt. Neighbourhoods included are Buena Vista, Caswell Hill, City Park, Holiday Park, King George, Mayfair, Nutana, Riversdale and Varsity View.

Look for yellow No Parking signs in advance of street sweeping, beginning with City Park Streets and Varsity View Avenues on Monday. Vehicles remaining on a scheduled street at 8 a.m. will get a parking ticket and be relocated.

“I urge people to plan ahead and pay attention to the parking restriction signs to help manage the program budget,” says Brandon Harris, Director of Roadways & Operations. “Towing costs are not fully recovered by parking tickets, and can affect how much sweeping we do if we can’t lower those expenses for next year.”

In 2017, the sweeping locations were adjusted to concentrate on areas with the highest risk for flooding. As a result more than 230 properties were protected from potential flood damage in the spring.

“Now that we are confident in the neighbourhood selection, we are changing up our tactics for a portion of the sweep to test and compare new methods of debris pickup, reduce the risk related to temperature, and keep our production rate higher later into the season,” says Harris.

The first eight days of the program will remain the same as in other years, with sweeping scheduled in all nine neighbourhoods. On October 25, staff will be reassigned for a week to finish winter operation preparations. As long as crews aren't cleaning up snow, leaf removal will resume on skipped roads in the same neighbourhoods using different equipment, going around parked vehicles.

Don’t get swept away this fall! Find your sweep date at with our new look-up application.