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It’s the law! Slow to 30 km/hr in work zones

For immediate release: July 16, 2019 - 4:33pm

The City of Saskatoon and the Saskatoon Police Service remind drivers to slow down when passing work zones and obey posted signs. To reduce speeding in work zones, City crews will start using temporary speed signs slowing people to 30 km/hr within the work zone on some roads where the speed limit is normally 50 km/hr.

“Even with bright clothing, barricades and signs, drivers continue to risk the lives of our road workers when they drive into equipment, between signs, and speed past without care and attention,” said General Manager Angela Gardiner. “By identifying and posting a temporary speed, it makes the expectation to slow down pretty clear.”

Hundreds of men and women work hard every day to provide Saskatoon residents with services that matter: from drinking water and sewer services, to smooth roads, clean and maintained parks and utility services. But at what cost? Too many drivers continue to ignore work zone signs and put lives at risk.

“It’s not only the law, but the responsibility of every driver to obey work zone signs,” said Saskatoon Police Service Traffic Unit Staff Sergeant Patrick Barbar. “The Traffic Unit will be patrolling work zones, reminding people to slow down, and charging drivers who insist on putting lives in danger by speeding.”

The new 30 km/hr construction zone signs will be rolled out over the next few months for City crews working on local streets. Regardless of whether a temporary speed sign is posted, drivers can be fined by Police for speeding or entering a work zone. Police have asked City workers to report these incidents.

The City’s annual Respect Work Zones public awareness campaign started today, in partnership with the Saskatoon Police Service, stressing that drivers must slow down in a work zone and obey signs. Advertisements include testimonials from real workers talking about their close calls s with drivers in City work zones.

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