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notifynow test successful; EMO encourages residents to be prepared

For immediate release: May 8, 2019 - 1:37pm
FI 19-379

The City of Saskatoon’s Emergency Management Organization (EMO) reports that yesterday’s city-wide notifynow test message sent to Saskatoon residents was successful.

The purpose of all emergency drills, tests, and full scale-exercises is to identify any issues that could impact an emergency response.  During last night’s exercise, an issue was identified that impacted the timing of the notifynow test message; the test was sent at 7:41 p.m.  The test successfully identified an issue in the data source that has been addressed.  Testing of the notifynow emergency messaging system ensures that in a real event, this issue will not impact this essential communication with citizens.

“Saskatoon’s population is now over 270,000 and growing. So far, we’ve had just over 24,000 residents customize their notifynow profile,” says Pamela Goulden-McLeod, Director of Emergency Planning. “We are pleased that this number continues to grow, but we would really like to see more residents customize their profile. It’s important to remember that notifynow can’t reach you and your family if you have incomplete or out-of-date contact information in the notifynow system.”   

Did you receive your notifynow test message last evening? Have you taken steps to be prepared, connected and informed in the event of a citywide emergency or one affecting only your neighbourhood? Trusted notifynow messages can help you feel less vulnerable.

“If you have a phone number that is publicly available, you may be in the notifynow system,” adds Goulden-McLeod. “However, we encourage residents to visit the City’s website to indicate how they want to receive their notifynow emergency notification messages. Many residents now prefer cell phone, text or email, or maybe all of these options, and you can also register for up to other five addresses.”

It’s easy to customize your notifynow profile and your communication preferences. Help notifynow reach you - and more Saskatoon residents with timely, trusted and targeted emergency notification messages.

“Notifynow messages should play an important part in your family’s emergency preparedness plan,” adds Goulden-McLeod. “These emergency safety messages can tell you what to do, what to expect, or even where to go in an emergency situation, and this greatly helps to reduce stress for you and those you care about.”

Visit today to customize your communication preferences or call 306-975-3210 for more information.