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Updated code of ethics bylaw reflects current values and best practices

For immediate release: May 1, 2019 - 11:00am

City Council will put into practice a new Code of Ethics following recommendations from the Saskatoon Municipal Review Commission (MRC) and a series of Council discussions.  Council approved Bylaw 9537, The Code of Ethical Conduct for Members of City Council Bylaw, 2019 (Code) at its regular business meeting April 29, 2019.

The Code unites the 2012 Code of Conduct, the 2017 Code of Ethics Bylaw, and the recommendations of the MRC’s Municipal Code of Conduct Committee Report, dated February 11, 2016.

New! Integrity Commissioner

The addition of an independent Integrity Commissioner is established in the Code, as are complaint and investigation processes.

More clarity around gifts & benefits received

Members of City Council may only accept gifts or benefits that are permitted by the list of exceptions in the Code. The Code stipulates disclosure of gifts over $100 for individual gifts or cumulative gifts received from one source during the calendar year. Food or beverages consumed at receptions, meetings, sporting events, or other similar activities are excluded from disclosure in the Code.

Outside activities, what’s allowed

Council Members may continue to support community and charitable organizations, however, members must not directly manage or control any monies received relating to community or charitable organization fundraising unless they are an employee of the organization. The Code permits members to hold board director roles in charitable or non-profit organizations that hold community events in the city.

The Code of Ethical Conduct for Members of City Council Bylaw supports the Strategic Goals of Continuous Improvement and Quality of Life by promoting transparency of municipal government and supporting City Council in providing good governance to citizens of Saskatoon.

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