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​Saskatoon is well-known for its oasis of trees. There are over 105,000 trees located on boulevards, center medians and parks.

Trees help to make our communities beautiful and improve our quality of life by helping to modify our climate, reduce air pollution, protect our soil and water resources, and provide habitat for wildlife. Protecting and conserving urban forests through proper management is vital to sustaining healthy communities. Residents and visitors enjoy the quality of life they provide. You can help ensure that we have an urban forest for both your enjoyment, and that of future generations, by planting trees and ensuring that they are properly maintained and protected.

Request a Tree

If you are a home owner living in a new residential neighbourhood you can request a tree for the City-owned portion of your front and/or side yard.  Please note, your yard must be up to grade with topsoil before we can process your request.  

If you are a home owner living in an established neighbourhood or business owner located in an industrial neighborhood you can request a tree for the City-owned portion of your front and/or side yard.  

Request Tree Maintenance

Pruning of City-owned trees is the responsibility of the City of Saskatoon.  The Urban Forestry Division is responsible for the maintenance of boulevard, park and shelterbelt trees.  Urban Forestry arborists are professionally trained and have an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) designation.  

Young trees are pruned to improve structural strength, reduce costly future maintenance and increase longevity.  Mature trees are pruned to eliminate hazards, provide clearance and to maintain health.  Full tree removals are only considered if a tree poses a safety hazard or if it is in decline due to physical damage, poor health or disease.     

To request tree maintenance of a city boulevard or park tree please call 306-975-2890.

Backalley Trees

Trees growing in backalleys on public property are inspected by a Bylaw Inspector from the Community Standards Division and maintained by contractors.

To request an inspection of a backalley tree please call 306-975-3193.

Power Lines & Trees 

Arborists are not qualified to work in the vicinity of high voltage energized powerlines.  To request maintenance of city trees around power lines please contact the power company operating in your area. Please consult this map to see which power company covers your area.  

Protect Saskatoon Trees

This Tree Protection Fact Sheet provides more information on protecting trees to provide guidelines for builders, and to reduce the number of trees which are unnecessarily damaged or removed as a result of construction activities.

You are responsible for protecting City maintained trees near your construction site. Any unauthorized excavations, removal, relocation, pruning, or damage in part or whole of existing trees adjacent to your work site is not allowed and may result in a fine or penalty as per City Council Policy, #C09-011 entitled "Trees on Public Property" (1989) or the Parks Bylaw #7667, and Cemeteries of the City of Saskatoon (1988). Restitution for damages to City trees will be assessed on the value of the plant material as well as the cost of any removal or repairs.

For more information regarding tree protection requirements please call 306-986-0836.