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Dog Parks

Dog Parks

***Important Update****

Avalon Dog Park is undergoing an expansion.  The Expansion is expected to begin on May 15th and last until June 15th.  During this time access to the Dog Park will be closed to the public.  The nearest Dog Parks are Hyde Dog Park, located in the Rosewood Community, and South West Dog Park located off Valley Road in the South of Saskatoon.   The upgrade will include an expansion to the west of the existing Dog Park, and provide the City with the first Wheelchair Accessible  Dog Park in the City.  If you have any questions or concerns about the upgrade, please contact Chelsie Schafer at 306-975-8478. 

All dog parks are fully fenced with the exception of Silverwood and Sutherland. All dogs visiting the facilities must have a valid license, be fully vaccinated, and well socialized to ensure the safety of all patrons.

The City is advising the public that coyote sightings have increased at various locations throughout Saskatoon. The City reminds people to keep their distance from coyotes and all wildlife as they can be unpredictable when confronted.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding coyotes or other wildlife within City limits, please contact Parks Pest Management at 306-975-3300. If there is an emergency, please contact Saskatoon Police Service at 306-975-8300.

Here is what to do if you have a close encounter with a coyote:

  • Never approach the animal;
  • Look for a way out;
  • Be observant of the coyote’s movement;
  • Act assertive, yell, and wave your arms so that coyotes maintain a healthy respect for humans;
  • Ensure the animal has an escape route and enough space to flee the situation; and
  • Keep pets on a leash and under control.

Rapid expansion of the city and the design of larger green spaces has resulted in more coyote sightings. Coyotes are common in all major municipalities across Canada. Coyotes can be seen in residential and commercial areas, especially if food and shelter are readily available.

Here are some tips to help avoid a coyote encounter in your yard:

  • Never feed coyotes or leave food waste in accessible areas;
  • Do not put meat, eggs, or dairy in compost bins;
  • Seal off access to decks and other sheltered spaces in your yard;
  • If you feed your pets outdoors, bring the food in at night; and
  • Close the gate to your yard and make sure fencing is in good condition. 

Dog Park Updates

The City will be increasing animal license fees beginning on February 1, 2017.  If there are any questions regarding these increases please contact 306-975-8478.

The City recognizes the demand for Dog Park facilities and continues to identify potential space for Dog Park development.

Brighton Dog Park Development

The City of Saskatoon Recreation and Community Development Division has identified a District Park within the Brighton neighbourhood for the development of a new Dog Park. This development will take place as construction allows.

Dog Park Locations

Avalon Dog Park
South end of Broadway Avenue

Caswell Dog Park
Next to the Mayfair Pool

Hampton Village Dog Park
North on Range Road 3060, near the airport
NOTE: Range Road 3060 leading north to the Hampton Dog Park is currently under construction. Road Construction is anticipated until May 11, 2016. Access to the dog park is still available via the Dalmeny Road.

Hyde Park Dog Park
South end of Hyde Park adjacent to Boychuck Drive

Pierre Radisson Dog Park
Between 32nd Street and 33rd Street in Westmount neighbourhood

Silverwood Dog Park
Access off Kinnear Avenue or the east end of Adilman Drive

Southwest Dog Park
Off Valley Road by the landfill

Sutherland Beach Dog Park
West off Central Avenue just North of Attridge Drive

Fred Mendel 
Avenue W and 17th Street

Paul Mostoway
Opening date TBD

Find maps, directions and guidelines for off-leash dog parks.

Become a Dog Park Ambassador

Have your voice heard! If you have a passion for dogs and are active in your community (or want to be), the City of Saskatoon is looking for Dog Park Ambassadors. A Dog Park Ambassador works closely with the City’s Animal Services Coordinator in the education, promotion, and continuous improvement of Dog Parks.

The City is looking for representatives for the following Dog Parks: Hampton Village

How do I contact my ambassador?

Established Groups can be found by searching Facebook using their appropriate name and off-leash recreation area. For example, search for “Sutherland Beach Off-Leash Recreation Area”.

How do I Request a Dog Park in my Neighbourhood?

1. Establish an   Ambassador group. This group should consist of a minimum of five members.
2. Once your Neighbourhood Dog Park Ambassador group is established you can contact the Animal Services Open Space Consultant for a copy of and to review the Dog Park Application.
3. Applications for Dog Parks are due by May 1 of each year.
4. The City will review each application and determine if the site is available for the use of a Dog Park.

Shared Spaces

Dog Parks are naturalized areas that share the space with wildlife such as coyotes, foxes, porcupines, beaver and white-tailed deer. If encountered, treat wild animals with respect and avoid approaching too closely. Please ensure that your dog is always within eyesight and under your control when enjoying Dog Parks.

The capture and removal of wildlife is made possible only with current and specific location information. Please call Pest Management (Mon-Fri 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.) at 306-975-3300 to report a concern.

Responsible Pet Ownership - Bite Prevention Video

A community coalition including the Saskatoon Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), the City of Saskatoon Animal Services, the Advisory Committee on Animal Control, the Saskatoon Animal Control Agency and the Saskatoon Health Region have worked together to launch a video campaign to raise awareness of dog bites, how they are caused and what owners can do to prevent their pets from biting. 

The video campaign, themed “good dogs bite too”, provides a unique perspective on what causes a dog to bite, even a good dog who may have never bit a person before.

The video can be viewed by following this link G ood Dogs Bite Too  , and viewers are encouraged to share amongst their networks and friends to help raise awareness of a very preventable incident.