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Dog Parks

Dog Parks

Be a Pack Leader and Join the Pack - Dog Park Ambassador Program

Animal Services is currently seeking Dog Park Ambassadors for several of our Dog Parks. For more information see Dog Park Ambassador info tab below, or contact Animal Services at 306-975-8478. 


Enjoy some off-leash time with your dog at one of the City of Saskatoon's Dog Parks. Dog Parks are naturalized spaces where dogs are permitted to be off-leash while under the control of their owner. This allows both owner and dog to enjoy exercise together while socializing with others. A valid dog license is required to access any Dog Park and owners should ensure their dog has up to date vaccinations prior to visiting the Dog Park.


Park Name                         
Park Location                           
Avalon South end of Broadway at Glasgow St.
Caswell Avenue F and 31st Street West, next to Mayfair Pool
Hampton Village North on Range Road 3060, near the airport
Hyde Park South end of Hyde Park adjacent to Boychuck Drive
Pierre Radisson Between 32nd Street and 33rd Street at Faulkner Cres.
Silverwood Access off Kinnear Avenue or the east end of Adilman Drive
Southwest Off Valley Road, near Cedar Villa Estates
Sutherland Beach West off Central Avenue just North of Attridge Drive
Fred Mendel Avenue W and 17th Street
Paul Mostoway Richardson Rd. west of McClocklin Rd.


Please Note

To reduce the impact of irresponsible pet ownership, Animal Services has a 'zero tolerance policy' toward bylaw infractions including pets in prohibited areas, running-at-large and failure to clean up after pet.


Please note, pets are not permitted in the following locations:

  • Playgrounds, paddling pools, spray pads, and cemeteries
  • Kiwanis Park, Kinsmen Park, Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo
  • The North East Swale (North of Evergreen)

Shared Spaces

Dog Parks are naturalized areas that share the space with wildlife such as coyotes, foxes, porcupines, beaver and white-tailed deer. If encountered, treat wild animals with respect and avoid approaching too closely. Please ensure that your dog is always within eyesight and under your control when enjoying Dog Parks.

The capture and removal of wildlife is made possible only with current and specific location information. Please call Pest Management (Mon-Fri 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.) at 306-975-3300 to report a concern.

Dog Park Development
Brighton Dog Park

The City of Saskatoon Recreation and Community Development Division has identified a District Park within the Brighton neighbourhood for the development of a new Dog Park. This development will take place as construction allows.

Chief Whitecap Dog Park

The City of Saskatoon is currently in the process of formalizing an off-leash recreation area within Chief Whitecap Park. 

Chief Whitecap Park is located south of Saskatoon at the southern most point of Saskatchewan Crescent, near Riverside Golf Club. The area provides a unique opportunity for visitors to explore three different ecological systems within the same area. At the top of the river valley near the park entrance, the area is comprised primarily of prairie grassland. As you venture into the valley working your way towards the riverbank, you enter a large area comprised of trees, bushes, and shrubs, many native to the area. At the very heart of the valley, visitors can access the South Saskatchewan River where they are greeted by soft sandy beaches and sandbars.  One formalized, Chief Whitecap Dog Park will definitely be a destination for any dog walker and nature lover.  

Other Developments

The City recognizes the demand for Dog Park facilities and continues to identify space for dog park development.     

Dog Park Ambassador Program