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Pet Licensing

Pet Licensing


Purchase or Renew Online!

Purchase or Renew a Pet License

Pet licenses are valid for one year from the date of purchase and must be renewed annually. There is a base $250 fine for not licensing a dog or cat over 4 months old. Microchips are not licenses, however they can be tied to a valid pet license.

Reminder letters are sent one month prior to the license expiring. For renewals, you will need the following information provided on your Pet License Renewal notice:

  • Person ID Number
  • License Tag Number

Pet license purchases and renewals can also be made in person at City Hall, the Saskatoon Animal Control Agency, the SPCA or any participating pet license vendors.


Dog License Fees 2017
Spayed/neutered or under 1 year $28
Not spayed or neutered $56
Cat License Fees 2017
Spayed/neutered or under 1 year $16.50
Not spayed or neutered $33

If you do not have your Pet License Renewal notice, or if you have any questions regarding this online payment option, please call Customer Service at 306-975-2400 or 1-800-667-9944, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.    

Enjoy the many benefits!

  • Direct return home
  • Pet identification 
  • Pet at Large (PAL) Perk
  • Safe shelter until owner is able to retrieve
  • Dog Park access
  • City-wide pet events
  • Enforcement of Animal Control Bylaw and Dangerous Animal Bylaw
  • Dog Park Ambassador Groups to represent you in program development

Upcoming City Pet Events

Register your furry feline to participate in the Catwalk Cat Show! The event will take take place on June 4, 2017 from 11:00AM - 2:00PM and feature a variety of show categories including: Best in Show, Best Dressed, Grumpy Cat, Cutest Kitten and Fanciest Whiskers. The Catwalk Cat Show will be hosted in two locations: Diefenbaker Park and Wildwood Park. Registration is free with a valid pet license, call 306-975-8478 to register.


Subsidized Spay & Neuter Program

This program helps low income families in Saskatoon get their cats and dogs spayed or neutered. 

The Subsidized Spay and Neuter Program is an initiative of the City of Saskatoon, the Saskatoon Academy of Veterinary Practitioners and the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, who have joined forces to address the issue of numerous unwanted cats and dogs in Saskatoon. This issue arises from the unspayed and unneutered cats and dogs living in our community. Significantly discounted veterinary services and financial resources are being provided to assist low income pet owners who could not otherwise afford to have their pets spayed or neutered. This program is reviewed annually.

A very appreciative “Thank You” is extended to the Saskatoon SPCA, SCAT Street Cat Rescue and New Hope Dog Rescue for their assistance in helping to develop this program.

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