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Sutherland Lighting Upgrade

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Upgrade the street lighting in the neighbourhood to meet the current roadway lighting standards.
The optimum spacing of the lights is 45m to 50m.  Some poles will need to be relocated in order to meet this requirement.  The poles will be installed on the City boulevard and where practical, be located at the property line between two properties.


Fixtures – LED, 34 watt to replace 100 watt and 58 watt to replace 150 watt.  Colour temperature; 3000K
Poles – Galvanized, 25 foot (7.6m) with 10 foot (3m) arms
Bases – Steel screw in anchor bases to minimize disruption to the soil


Beginning of September – Stake new street light locations
Mid-September – Begin project
End of October – Complete project
No parking signs will be placed at the new pole locations a couple of days in advance of the work to ensure that it is safe to work in the area.


Sutherland Lighting Project FAQ

Will the lights be LED?
• This project will include changing the existing high pressure sodium lights (HPS) to LED.
• The new LED lights will be dark sky compliant (colour temperature of 3000K and full cut off)

When will my street be done and how long will this take?
• Work is planned to start in September and will take approximately six weeks to complete.
• Parking will be restricted during the day (8am to 5pm) at each new street light location.  No parking signs will be placed at the work site at least 2 days in advance.

Will the wires be buried?
• All existing and new street light wires will continue to be overhead strung.

What about the trees?
• Some trees may require pruning in order to make way for the street light and overhead wires.  Our professionally trained staff will prune the trees so not to harm the tree.

Why is the street light being moved from in front of my house?  Why am I receiving a light in front of my house?
• The street lights are being moved and new lights will be installed in order to provide an even distribution of light on the whole street.  The average spacing of the lights will be about 50m.

Will this cost me anything?
• No.  The project is fully funded thru Saskatoon Light & Power’s capital budget.

Why is Sutherland getting a lighting upgrade?
• The City of Saskatoon determined that the lighting in many neighbourhoods did not meet the current lighting standards, Sutherland being one of them.