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Services for Customers

Steps for Service

For a new service or an upgrade, here are the basic steps which are involved:

  1. Contact
    • The customer contacts Saskatoon Light & Power with the initial request.
    • The minimum information required is the location of the customer, load information, requested voltage, and the contact information.
  1. Design:
    • Based on the information provided, Saskatoon Light & Power will complete a preliminary design.
    • During this process, Saskatoon Light & Power will be in touch with the customer to establish the final design.
  1. Quote:
    • Once the design is finalized, Saskatoon Light & Power will determine its investment, if any, and convey costs to the customer.
    • Saskatoon Light & Power requires a written acceptance of the costs before a Work Order is initiated.
  1. Work Order:
    • With the acceptance of the costs, Saskatoon Light & Power initiates a Work Order.
    • Job preparations for material and manpower are made and the job is placed into a preliminary schedule.
  1. Construction:
    • When the customer has completed their work and is ready for service, Saskatoon Light & Power will commence construction.
    • Based on the nature of the job, it may require 4-6 weeks to complete the construction.
    • Some work may occur in advance to facilitate construction schedules.
  1. Energize:
    • Installing the meter is the last step.
    • The customer should contact City of Saskatoon – Corporate Revenue Division to set up an account for the new meter.

The electrical contractor has to contact Saskatoon Light & Power’s Meter Shop at 306-975-2417 and provide Saskatoon Light & Power’s Meter Shop with the SaskPower Electrical permit number prior to installation of the meter.

Customer Information Guide

The  Saskatoon Light & Power Customer Information Guide provides information for anyone wanting to upgrade an existing or install a new electrical service. The Guide includes service entrance and metering requirements as well as safety information.

For more information, please call 306-975-7768.

Underground Line Locates

Are you planning to build a fence, garage or deck on your property?  Landscaping or planting trees? Or undertaking a major project like installing a swimming pool or building an addition on your home?

Remember - Call BEFORE You Dig!

Please contact us to locate your underground lines before you begin your project. Hitting an underground power line can cause serious life-threatening injuries.

You must also notify any other parties who may have underground lines in the area in which you are working before you begin your project.

Tree Trimming

Tree branches that touch power lines are a public safety hazard.

Never attempt to trim a tree branch that is close to, or is touching a power line.

Instead, if you are an SL&P customer, call us and we will send a crew to safely trim all tree branches that touch or interfere with power lines located near your residence or commercial property.

In the event we are not able to access the branches safely with our equipment, we will temporarily remove service to your residence or property, while you hire a contractor who can do the work safely. We will re-install your service once the work is completed.

Remember that according to The Dutch Elm Disease Regulations, 2005 trimming Elm trees is not allowed from April 1 to August 31.

Other information about trees (not related to power lines) can be found under Yard & Garden.