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Acadia Drive Reservoir Upgrade Project

Saskatoon Water is preparing to meet the water supply needs of the City with upgrades to the Acadia Drive Water Reservoir and Pump House. This facility serves all Saskatoon Water customers located south of College Drive and east of Preston Avenue.

Update: April 1, 2016 Construction that started in October 2015 is now complete and the pump station will be taken offline while valves are closed to re-connect to the reservoir.

April 4 -  11, 2016  This final phase is the most critical period because the pump station will be shut down, with no connection to any booster pumps.  While the pump station is offline, water pressure to a small segment of the immediate area around the reservoir for 3-7 days will be significantly lower (the highest elevations in this service area), which includes residents and businesses in and around the Centre mall, and two blocks of 8th Street E. The pump station and new reservoir are expected to be fully operational by April 11, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Affected Saskatoon Water Service Area

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my water pressure low? I live in a southeast neighbourhood.

It may be related to the Acadia Drive Reservoir upgrade.

What kind of upgrades are you doing?

Saskatoon Water is preparing to improve the pumping capacity of the Acadia Drive Reservoir and Pump House. Construction started in October 2015 when the existing reservoir was drained and taken out of service. Construction is now complete and the Pump House must be shut down to install the pipes that connect to the upgraded reservoir.

We thank customers for their patience and will be working day and night to complete this final work to minimize disruptions. This is our lowest demand period, and should have the least impact on our customers.

Who is affected by this project?

The Acadia Drive Reservoir and Pump House is located on Acadia Drive between Taylor Street and 8th Street. It services all water customers south of College Drive and east of Preston Avenue. (The map provides a visual representation of the affected area.)

Customers within a few blocks of the facility on Acadia Drive may notice lower water pressure April 4-11, while the new construction is connected to the water distribution system.

During this final phase, water pressure may be as low as 40-50 pounds per square inch (psi) for short periods, compared to the normal supply of 55-60 psi.

Will I still have water?

Yes, Saskatoon Water customers will continue to have high quality drinking water during this construction project, although the pressure may be lower at certain times. As long as your plumbing system meets minimum standards and operates at a minimum of 40 psi, you will have running water for appliances, toilets and showers. 

What should I do if I don't have water?

There are back-up systems in place to prevent a water outage during this work.  If an unexpected issue occurs, the project manager will have an update on the website (  If you experience a water outage and there is no information on the website, it may be caused by a separate issue – please call the Public Works customer service call centre at 306-975-2476.

Do I have to boil my water while the reservoir is being upgraded?

No, the quality of your drinking water will not be affected.  The City of Saskatoon is regulated by the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority, which has strict guidelines for maintaining water quality. If there is a risk for contamination to any water supply that suggests residents boil water before consuming it, you will be notified with a yellow Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory door hanger delivered to your front entrance.

How will households be affected?

You may notice lower water pressure at your tap in the morning and early evening, when water demand periods are higher. Water pressure may be as low as 40-50 pounds per square inch (psi) for short periods, compared to the normal supply of 55-60 psi.

Are there any specific times my pressure will be affected?

Aside from peak usage times there will be a scheduled period of reduced water pressure for approximately four days from April 4 - 8. During that time water pressure will drop to 40-50 psi.

How does this compare to the work you did a few years ago to that facility?

The Acadia Drive Reservoir was out of service for two months in September 2009 for repairs.  There were reports of some commercial and multi-story buildings experiencing issues as a result of the lower pressure.  We now have new motors and drives at the reservoir, a rebuilt generator, and the ability to boost pressure which should maintain higher water pressure than in 2009.  

What should I do to prepare?

Standard household plumbing systems are designed to operate at a minimum of 40 psi. If you have a system that requires more pressure to operate, such as a luxury spa, or multi-story building, you are encouraged to confirm that there are no restrictions, and that booster pumps are functioning properly, where required. 

Every home should have an emergency preparedness plan for any time of the year, not only when work is planned on the distribution system.  

According to the Fire Department, all households should have a 72-hour supply of water on hand for drinking and cooking. This is equal to 3.8 litres (one gallon) per person or pet per day. Learn more about the Fire Department’s recommendations

I live near the Acadia Drive Reservoir; will there be construction in my neighbourhood?

Yes there will be some exterior work done on the reservoir, however the work will all take place within the property line and traffic will not be affected. There will also be some noise created from the construction during working hours from October 19-24, but all noise will fall within City Bylaws for acceptable levels of volume.

How can I learn more?

Contact the City of Saskatoon Water Treatment Plant at 306-975-2534 or

Any changes to this project that affect residents will be updated on the website at  You can also subscribe to receive an email update with an email to and the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.