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Liquid Waste Disposal Station

The Liquid Waste Disposal Station is currently housed at the Wastewater Treatment Plant which is located in a residential area of Silverwood. As of spring 2015, the City is in the design stage of relocating the station to Marquis Industrial to move the facility away from the residential area.

Moving the facility to Marquis Industrial will move the trucks currently going through the Silverwood residential area to an area designed for this kind of traffic. There will be no evident smell outside the facility and no health risk to the public. In fact, the newly relocated station will be connected to an existing multimillion dollar odour control facility that is specifically designed to contain odours.

The new facility will be 1,400 ft. (or 4 football fields) from the Silverwood Golf Course and 2,100 ft. (about 6 football fields) from the closest residence. This is significantly further away from residential lots than its current location. 

This project is currently in the design stage and construction won’t get underway until 2016.