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Waste & Recycling

Collection Calendar

Don't miss pickup day! Search your home address to get your collection calendar and sign up for the reminders that work best for you.

Cart Placement

Follow these easy tips for your blue, black and optional green cart. Report an illegal dumping concern online and our Environmental Protection team will follow up.

Waste Wizard

Find out what goes in your green, black and blue carts.

Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping involves the unauthorized disposal of waste on public or private property.  Not only is illegal dumping harmful to our environment, it's unsightly and expensive,


Use your black cart or metal waste bin for household garbage such as non-recyclable waste including Styrofoam, diapers and wipes.


Loose, clean recyclable materials are collected city-wide through the curbside Blue Cart recycling service and the multi-unit residential recycling service. The same materials are accepted at the City's Recycle Depots.

Organics (Yard & Food Waste)

We have composting programs for green waste including seasonal items, like leaves, grass and Christmas trees; and now food waste.  Residents can subscribe for Green Cart home collection or visit one of two compost depots.  

Household Hazardous Waste

Mark your calendar for the next Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off Day to safely dispose of your aerosol cans, batteries, light bulbs, cleaning products, paint cans and more.

Waste Diversion

In order to begin moving toward the 70% waste diversion target, work has begun on the development of a Waste Diversion Plan which will provide a long-term roadmap for Saskatoon’s waste management programs and recommend policies and initiatives. 

Community Programs

Find out more about recycling education and awareness programs.