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Multi-Unit Dwellings - Metal Waste Bin Grant

The Metal Waste Bin Grant is designed to offset the cost of purchasing and maintaining metal bins for multi-unit dwelling owners and condominium associations. Properties are required to apply each year for this grant, no later than November 1, 2017.  Applications will be reviewed and processed at the end of the year and applicants will be notified in December 2017. Apply now!

Please ensure your property meets all of the grant criteria:

  • Property owners and condominium associations with existing metal waste bins may apply for a grant amount of $8 per year per residential unit. 
  • Properties using roll-out garbage carts provided by the City for each individual unit are not eligible for the grant. 
  • Use of the grant is at the discretion of the property owners and/or condominium association. Options include maintaining (or purchasing, as required) an approved metal bin for collection by the City (a service paid for through property taxes), or to help off-set the cost of a private waste removal service. 
  • In order to use the City’s garbage collection service, metal bins must be pre-approved by Public Works. Please call 306-975-2486 to arrange for pre-approval.