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Budget & Finances

2020-2021 Multi-Year Budget

To increase the accountability and transparency of our business plan and budget process and to adopt a longer-term view on financial planning, the City of Saskatoon is undertaking a new multi-year business plan and budget for the years 2020 and 2021.

2019 Budget

The 2019 Business Plan & Budget will address City Council's 10 Strategic Priority areas as well as feedback received from residents in the 2017 Civic Services Survey. 

2018 Budget

The City invests in what matters most to citizens when shaping and planning for our financial future. Find information on the annual budget planning process, budget related administrative reports, videos,   and archived administrative  reports/previous year's results of Citizen Budget engagement.

2017 Budget

The City’s 2017 Approved Business Plan and Budget continued to prioritize and dedicate investments to enhance our service levels and quality of life in Saskatoon – funding for road improvements, snow and ice management, and public safety were key.

Fraud Scheme Updates

Corporate Asset Management Plan

The City’s Corporate Asset Management Plan is a long-term plan developed to manage infrastructure and ensure City-owned assets are capable of meeting the levels of service required to support the City of Saskatoon’s goals.

Corporate Risk Management

The Corporate Risk Management Program ensures that significant risks are identified by the organization, confirmed and prioritized by City Council and addressed in a positive, systematic and productive way.  Find information about the Risk Based Management Program, Internal Audit function and Audit Reports here.

Financial Reporting

The City of Saskatoon is open, accountable and transparent. Find Annual Reports, Budget Reports, Report on Savings, Service & Sustainability, Public Accounts and Report to Citizens here.

Investing in Canada

The City has received funding through the Government of Canada, Investing in Canada plan. This plan will help communities and cities across Canada to invest in infrastructure priorities.