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Interacting with Council & Committees

What does City Council do?

City Council operates in accordance with several provincial statutes, the main ones being The Cities Act and The Planning and Development Act. City Council has only those powers which the provincial government has expressly given to it by statute.

City Council cannot make any decisions or take any action other than during an official meeting of City Council. All meetings are public, and all decisions are made publicly.

City Council has delegated some responsibilities to Council Committees, which includes the Governance and Priorities Committee and four Standing Policy Committees. These committees are composed solely of members of City Council. All committees meet publicly. These committees review matters under its specific policy areas.

How can I participate in City Council's decisions?

  • Sending written submissions to Council about reports or proposed bylaws (see below).
  • Making presentations at public hearings held to get public input into bylaws and other significant decisions such as rezonings and discretionary use applications.
  • Making presentations at Committee meetings in response to recommendations made by City departments for any project or initiative.
  • Writing to City Council on issues of concern.

How can I find out what is on the Council and Committee Agendas?

Agendas are normally published on the Wednesday evening of the week preceding the meeting. They are available for viewing on the City's website. A copy may also be viewed at the Frances Morrison Branch of the Saskatoon Public Library and the City Clerk's Office during office hours.

How can I address an item of concern before City Council or a Committee?

If you write a letter to City Council not related to a matter before City Council or one of its Committees, it will be referred by the City Clerk to the appropriate Council Committee or the administration.

If you know that a particular report or issue is before Council or Committee, you can submit comments or request to make a presentation.

If you are requesting to make a presentation, you must state that in your letter.

How do I submit a letter to City Council and are there any deadlines which I should be aware of?

Communications to Council or one of its committees can be submitted in the following ways:

  • By email, using this form
  • By post or in person to: Office of the City Clerk, 222 - 3rd Avenue North, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0J5
  • By fax to 306-975-2784.

Communications to City Council or Committees must be received in the City Clerk's Office by noon on the Tuesday preceding the week of the meeting.

Your letter must clearly specify the issue which you wish to address, as well as a general outline of your concerns. Please note that, since all meetings of City Council and its Committees are public, your letter is considered a public document.

You are encouraged to contact the City Clerk's Office at 306-975-3240 to clarify the requirements for writing to City Council or any of its Committees.

Is there anything I need to know about making a presentation?

Items on an agenda are dealt with in the order they appear. Generally the Administration will make their presentation, followed by those individuals approved to speak on the item.

You will have five minutes to make your presentation. If you have more than one person wishing to speak you will only be allowed five minutes for the entire delegation. Following your presentation, you may be asked questions from members of Council or the committee.

Is there any audio-visual equipment available to use in making a presentation?

There is a variety of equipment available in the Council Chambers and committee meetings rooms. For details, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 306-975-3240. You must contact the City Clerk's Office at least two days before the meeting to request the use of the equipment you need, and you may be required to meet with a representative of the City Clerk's Office prior to the meeting in order to review the operation of the equipment.

Whether or not you use audio-visual assistance, your presentation may not exceed five minutes in length.

How will I know when a decision is made on the issue in which I am interested?

A motion will be made on all issues which require a decision or direction from City Council or a committee. You may seek clarification from the City Clerk's Office if you do not understand what has been decided.

Minutes for all meetings are available through the City Clerk's Office and on the City's website.

Where can I get more information about the operation of City Council and its committees?

The City Clerk's Office can help you with any questions you may have regarding City Council and its Committees. It is difficult to briefly outline all of the rules which apply to the many committees of Council, so you are strongly encouraged to contact the City Clerk's Office at 306-975-3240 for clarification.


Code of Ethical Conduct

City Council, at its meeting held on April 29, 2019, passed Bylaw No. 9537, The Code of Ethical Conduct for Members of City Council Bylaw, 2019. The Bylaw outlines the basic ethical standards and values for members of Council. It is to be used to guide members respecting what their obligations are when fulfilling their duties and responsibilities as elected officials. It also describes a procedure for the investigation and enforcement of these standards and values. 

If you have any questions regarding the Code of Ethical Conduct, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 306-975-3240.

Integrity Commissioner

Bylaw No. 9537The Code of Ethical Conduct for Members of City Council Bylaw, 2019, requires that City Council appoint an Integrity Commissioner. At the July 29, 2019 council meeting, City Council appointed Mr. Randall Langgard as the City of Saskatoon's Integrity Commission. Mr. Langgard is also appointed as Integrity Commission for the City of Regina as of July 2018. 

Mr. Langgard can be contacted at the following address:

Mr. Randy Langgard
Integrity Commissioner for the City of Regina & Saskatoon
2091 Wascana Greens
Regina, Saskatchewan S4V 2L9

To file a complaint with Mr. Langgard, complete Schedule "A" and submit to the above contact information.

 Integrity Commissioner - Schedule "A" Complaint Form

Reports To City Council

Archived Reports to Council and Committees up to end of 2013:

All reports that go to Council or to its various committees can be found in the full agendas for the meeting at which they were considered.  The following are links to older reports that were included in various past Council agendas and is not inclusive of all reports considered by City Council.  

This section is no longer updated.   Please contact the City Clerk's Office 306-975-3240 if there is a particular item you are interested in viewing.


Financial Reports


2014 Budget

 2014 Approved Operating and Capital Budgets
 2014 Approved Capital Details
 An Overview of the Demographic, Economic, Social and Environmental Issues and Trends in Saskatoon, 2013-2014

Annual Reports

 2013 Annual Report
 2012 Annual Report


2015 Report Items

 2015 Municipal Manual


2014 Report Items

 North Commuter Parkway and Traffic Bridge – Request for Proposals (Dec., 2014)
 North Commuter Parkway and Traffic Bridge – Project Agreement (Dec., 2014)
 ​Mayfair/Kelsey-Woodlawn Neighbourhood Traffic Management Plan
 Proposed Rosewood Neighbourhood Concept Plan Amendmant- May, 2014
 Proposed Brighton Neighbourhood Concept Plan - May, 2014 (39 mb)
 Neighbourhood Planning Section - 2013 Year End Report (May, 2014)
 Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo - 2013 Year End Report (May, 2014)
 Saskatoon Municipal Golf Courses - 2013 Year End Report (May, 2014)
 The Junction Improvement Strategy - Final Report (March, 2014)
 Saskatoon Civic Operations Centre - Request for Proposals - Jan., 2014
 Saskatoon Civic Operations Centre - Project Agreement - Jan., 2014
 Age Friendly Saskatoon Initiative: Recommendations (Jan., 2014)
 The Remai Art Gallery of Saskatchewan Business Plan: 2015-2017
 The Remai Art Gallery of Saskatchewan Business Plan: Summary
 Municipal Manual 2014

2013 Report Items

 General Superannuation Plan Financial Statements (Draft) - 2013
 Police Superannuation Plan Financial Statements (Draft) - 2013
 Fire and Protective Services Superannuation Plan Financial Statements (Draft) - 2013
 Seasonal and Non-Permanent Part-Time Defined Contribution Pension Plan Financial Statements (Draft) - 2013
 City of Saskatoon - Public Accounts - 2013
 City of Saskatoon - Public Accounts (Supplementary Statement and Schedules) - 2013
 City of Saskatoon - Capital Status Report - 2013
 Saskatoon Public Library - Consolidated Financial Statements (Draft) - 2013
 Aspen Ridge - Neighbourhood Concept Plan
 City of Saskatoon Heritage Plan
 Municipal Operations Benchmark Report - 2012 and 2013
 Leisure Centres and Outdoor Pools - 2013 Year End Report
 Street Activity Baseline Study - Update, 2013
 Neighbourhood Level Infill Development Strategy - Nov, 2013 - Full Report
 Part 1 - Table of Contents
 Part 2 - Sections 1-3
 Part 3 - Sections 4-5 
 Part 4 - Appendices 
 Neighbourhood Traffic Management Program - 2013
 Capacity for Newcomer Settlement and Integration in Saskatoon - 2013
 City of Saskatoon Annual Civic Services Survey - June 2013
 North Commuter Parkway Project - Functional Planning Study - 2013

2012 Report Items

 Varsity View Local Area Plan - Full Report
 ​Varisty View Local Area Plan - Summary
 Employment Equity Report - 2012
 Integrated Waste Management Annual Report - 2012
 Saskatoon Transit Annual Report - 2012
 Access Transit Annual Report - 2012
 Consolidated Financial Statements - 2012 (Draft)
 Trust Funds - 2012 (Draft)
 Fire and Protective Services Superannuation Plan - 2012 Financial Statements (Draft)
 Police Superannuation Plan - 2012 Financial Statements (Draft)
 Defined Contribution Pension Plan - Seasonal and Non-Permanent part-Time Employees - 2012 Financial Statements
 Capital Status Report - 2012
 General Superannuation Plan - 2012 Financial Statements
 Public Accounts - 2012 Financial Statements
 Saskatoon Public Library - 2012 Consolidated Financial Statements
 Municipal Golf Courses - 2012 Annual Report
 Leisure Centres and Outdoor Pools - 2012 Year-End Report
 Water & Wastewater Treatment Annual Report - 2012
 State of the Bridges and Structures - 2012
 State of Roadways - 2012
 East Sector Plan - February, 2012
 Planning for Growth Corridor Study
 College Quarter Concept Plan
 Commercial and Industrial Development Study
 East Sector Plan