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Debt Supported by Taxes

“Proposed maximum debt supported by taxes” is a maximum debt level and represents each resident’s average share of the City’s debt.  The intent is not to meet the maximum, but to have a maximum in place so the debt remains affordable for taxpayers.

How are we doing? 

Average long-term tax-supported debt has been trending upward since 2012 to support the City's growth. In 2018, long-term tax-supported debt was $1,158 per person in Saskatoon.
Data Table
Long-Term Tax-Supported Debt Per Person
  2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Debt per Person (%) 314 463 387 635 727 652 767 996 1111 1158


The measure represents each resident's average share of the City's long-term tax-supported debt. Debt per capita helps to communicate City's debt levels.

The supported debt per person = Actual Long-term Borrowing (including P3 financing)
                                                                             Population of Saskatoon

The City's population is estimated as of December 31 for each year, by the City of Saskatoon Planning and Development Division.

Long-term tax-supported debt includes debt repaid by property taxes and federal gas taxes, but excludes utility debt. In the future, it also will include Public Private Partnership (P3) financing.