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Idylwyld Drive over Ruth Street Rehabilitation

Idylwyld over Ruth

Extensive rehabilitation took place on the Ruth Street overpass on Idylwyld Drive in 2016 from May until the end of August.

Work on the 50 year old 4-lane overpass was phased with crews working on one side at a time. Two-way traffic was maintained at all times, however traffic flow in each direction was reduced from two lanes to one lane throughout the duration of the rehabilitation project. A full overpass closure was not necessary.

Major construction projects such as this are required in order to improve the functionality of City infrastructure, and to ensure adequate rehabilitation or maintenance is performed to extend the lifecycle of the City’s assets. The upgrading, preservation and maintenance of infrastructure supports the City’s Strategic Goals of Asset and Financial Sustainability, Quality of Life and Moving Around.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s the scope of repairs?

A. The work will consist of completing the following repairs:

  • Removal of existing asphalt wearing surface and membrane
  • Removal of the existing deck to below the top layer of reinforcement
  • Placement of new concrete
  • Placement of a concrete overlay
  • Modification of the approach slab
  • Miscellaneous concrete repairs

Q. Will the roadway ever be fully closed?

A. No. The work will be phased with crews working on one side of the overpass at a time. Two-way traffic will be maintained at all times, however traffic flow in each direction will be reduced from two lanes to one lane.

Q. When is this project scheduled to start and finish?

A. The project is anticipated to begin May 2, 2016 and be completed August 30, barring unforeseen circumstances or weather delays.

Q. How has the City planned the project so as to minimize the impacts to traffic?

A. To minimize the impacts to traffic, the City has:

  • Designed a specific phased approached for concrete removal/replacement which will allow vehicle traffic below the structure at Lorne and Ruth Street.
  • Maintained two way traffic at all times by utilizing cross overs
  • Specified a daily site rental of $10,000 per day incentivizing the contractor to complete the project on time or early and penalizing the contractor for a late completion
  • Allow for night work (excludes specific disruptive tasks i.e. jackhammering)

Q. Should I reroute my commute?

A. It is not necessary, but there may be short delays at peak times. The work was planned and phased to allow for traffic movement to be accommodated in both directions during construction.

Q. How old is the bridge infrastructure that will be under repair?

A. The Idylwyld Drive Over Ruth Street Overpass is a 4-lane, 4-span, concrete girder bridge, originally constructed in 1966.

Q. What’s the budget for this bridge maintenance work?

A. The Bridge work was awarded to Horseshoe Hill Construction for $ 3,362,273.25.

Q. What’s the City’s 'Bridge Strategy'?

A. In an effort to reduce the overall cost of the bridge structures, the City focuses on preservation in order to protect the financial investment as well as maximize the sustainability of the infrastructure. The Bridge Strategy includes the rehabilitation of an average of 2 bridge/overpass structures per year.

Q. Do I have to slow to 60km/h even if I don’t see workers in the construction zone?

A. Yes. The City urges motorists to slow down, pay attention and respect work zones to allow crews to focus on the job and safely complete projects. All signs and barricades are there for safety and there may be danger present.

Q. How is the City communicating this project with the public?

A. The City is communicating through the news media, newspaper and radio ads, advance digital signboards approaching the construction zone, Public Service Announcements, Traffic Detour Service Alerts, the City Construction Map, Facebook, Twitter (@YXEServiceAlert), and on