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 What you  can expect from us

  1. All departments will establish and publish service level standards to inform citizens about what they can expect and when requested services will be delivered.
  2. We'll use these service level standards to monitor our progress and performance – and invite citizens to do the same.
  3. Our departments are already reviewing processes and identifying ways to streamline and improve service delivery.
  4. We are working to create a customer service culture that promotes quality and consistent service delivery at every level.

 How you can help us

  1. We are working to communicate levels of service expectations in plain language. When you are reading "What you can expect from us" on our website pages, if something is not clear to you, please let us know. 

Current Initiatives

Civic Service Reviews

  • Civic Service Reviews are an evaluation process where a service is systematically reviewed to determine the most appropriate way to provide the service, and at what level.  The reviews provide opportunities to find redundancies and inefficiencies in our operations and improve on them. The operational review identifies options and recommendations to address two service delivery questions:
    • Effectiveness:  Would change to the service help to achieve greater results within currently available resources?
    • Efficiency:  Would change to the current method of delivering the service improve the cost-effectiveness?
  • Civic Service Reviews follow a three-step approach:
    • Current State - Identify the current process so there is a common understanding of how the service is currently being delivered.
    • Future State - Using the “Blank Sheet of Paper” approach, put aside what the City is currently delivering, and define how the service will be delivered in the most effective and efficient way possible to meet citizen expectations.
    • Gap Analysis - Identify the change in resources required to deliver the new service in comparison to the current service and identify the savings.
  • Reviews are currently underway or recently completed for: 
    • Building and Development Permitting - Commercial Permit Process
    • Fire Prevention – Inspection, Investigation, Property Maintenance
    • Fleet Services – Business Model
    • Police Fleet – Business Model
    • Special Events – Application and Review Process
    • Urban Forestry – Tree Inventory and Maintenance
    • Waste Handling – Collections and Landfill Operations

Internal Process Reviews

  • Internal Process Reviews are much smaller reviews that focus on one process within a service, such as New Commercial Business License Applications. They identify service levels, and may also outline potential efficiencies and potential savings.
    • Internal Process Reviews are currently underway for inspection or repair requests for catch basins, manholes, retention ponds, sanitary sewer mains, and storm sewers, which are the next five water and sewer services to go into the CRM.

Communicating Service Level Information

  • In 2016 Service Saskatoon developed a website format for communicating service level information in plain and simple language.
  • We will be working to share service level information on more services as they are documented through Civic Service Reviews and Internal Process Reviews.

Watch a short video describing the new web format