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notifynow. Timely, trusted and targeted public safety messages - - when you need to know.

Residents, also making you aware of the upcoming NATIONAL TEST ALERT, information below.

SaskAlert TEST Message - Wednesday, November 27, 2019 at 1:55 p.m.

  • A national TEST alert will be issued to the public on all communication platforms: Radio, TV, Wireless, the SaskAlert App and website.
  • This is a Broadcast Intrusive Alert which will be sent all across Saskatchewan via wireless compatible devices. 
  • It is recommended that those who have responsibilities for facilities/locations where a large number of people could/will be congregated be advised.  Examples include health, education etc.
  • SaskAlert
  • For more information contact: 

Saskatoon residents will be sent a TEST message from the notifynow emergency notification system on Wednesday, December 4th, 2019, at 10:00 a.m.

The notifynow system is tested twice a year. This helps to familiarize Saskatoon residents with how a notifynow message would sound in the event of an emergency affecting only your neighbourhood, or the entire city.  Sending notifynow TEST messages also allows the Saskatoon Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) to evaluate the system's database.​ 

notifynow can provide timely, trusted and targeted public safety messages -- when you need to know, reducing stress for yourself and for those you care about. 

You can trust messages sent to you by notifynow.  The EMO and trusted agency partners will work as a team to provide a coordinated response that may include sending notifynow emergency messages to residents of Saskatoon. 

View our  notifynow brochure.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why does the City have a notification system?
notifynow is a mass notification system that can reach tens of thousands of Saskatoon residents should there be an occurring, impending, or escalating emergency situation in the city, or one only affecting your neighbourhood. notifynow sends timely, trusted and targeted emergency information to you so you’ll know what to do, where to go, and what to expect.

What are some examples of emergency situations where the City might send a notifynow message to residents?
Examples of an emergency situation could include a plane crash, extreme weather situation (tornado, major blizzard), hazardous materials spill, etc. In an emergency, wherever you are, you could be asked to find shelter or leave the area immediately.  When you receive a timely notifynow message, it will give you important safety information so you can take steps to ensure your personal safety and minimize damage to your property.

How will the notifynow system contact me with a message should there be an emergency?
notifynow emergency messages can be sent to you by a text, voice recording, email message, or through TTY numbers.  The notifynow system has a high-priority calling status and capacity to reach tens of thousands of residents in Saskatoon within seconds. But we can’t reach you if your contact information is not up-to-date. It’s important to log in and tell us how best to reach you, you can also sign-up family members. Tell us your preferred method for reaching you by logging into to create your profile.

How will I know the test is not a scam, can I trust a message from notifynow?
The Emergency Measures Organization sends out two TEST messages per year to familiarize Saskatoon residents with the notifynow message process so they will be ready to respond appropriately in a real emergency situation. A greeting will be played for the recipient to “stand by for important information from the City of Saskatoon’s notifynow system. The message will clearly indicateTHIS IS ONLY A TEST.”   Take note how the call is displayed for future messages and save us in your contacts. You can trust an emergency message from notifynow.

What will I hear when I receive a notifynow TEST message?
Stand by for an important message from the City of Saskatoon.
This is a TEST message from the City of Saskatoon’s notifynow system.
The purpose of this TEST is to demonstrate how notifynow would work if an emergency was happening. This is only a TEST.  Please take time to register your communication devices and choose how you’d like to be contacted.  Visit

What type of instructions could I expect from a notifynow message if there were an actual emergency situation?
In the event of a wide-scale emergency occurring in Saskatoon or one only affecting your neighbourhood, a notification would be sent to citizens to make them aware of the situation and give important safety instructions to ensure personal safety and minimize damage to property. You can trust a notifynow message - it will tell you what to do, where to goand what to expect in an emergency situation.

Why should I subscribe to the notifynow service?
notifynow messages should be part of your personal emergency preparedness plan. Creating a personalized notifynow profile will ensure you get the emergency messages that directly affect you or the people you care about – and received the best way you prefer. Remember, we can’t reach you if your contact information is not up-to-date.

Visit to create your personal profile. Tell us how to best reach you!

Will I still receive notifynow emergency notifications if I don't sign-up?
If you don't sign up, you may still receive emergency voice notifications on your landline if you have a publicly-available phone number. However, we encourage residents to sign-up to ensure you get the emergency messages that directly affect you or the people you care about sent to the devices of your choice. Also, we can’t reach you if your contact information is not correct.

I have an unlisted phone number – will I already be in your notifynow database?
If you have an unlisted and/or not publicly-available phone number, or if you do not have a landline, you will have to sign-up at to receive notifynow messages.

Will my contact information be shared with others?
No, the information you provide notifynow will be used for emergency purposes only. We will not give or sell your information to any other vendor, service, or organization.

Can I sign-up for notifynow if I don’t have access to the internet?
Visit locations around the city with free Internet services, like the Saskatoon Public Library, or ask a family member to sign you up.

Can I get an alert as a text and email?
Yes, tell us how to best reach you.  You can customize your profile by registering multiple devices. Tell us how you prefer to be contacted by notifynow.

Are notifynow messages sent in any languages other than English?
Currently, the notifynow system has the capacity to relay messages in English only, however translation services may be considered in the future.  

Are notifynow emergency messages accessible to persons with hearing or speech difficulties?
Yes. The ability to receive timely emergency communication is critical to persons with hearing or speech difficulties, so they may receive and follow instructions to safety. To receive accessible notifynow messages, enter up to two different TTY electronic device methods for text communication via telephone number.

Who can I call if I have questions about notifynow?
If you have any questions regarding the notifynow system, please call the City of Saskatoon EMO at 306-975-3210. We’re pleased to assist and to answer any of your questions.

I noticed on my call display that I missed a phone call from the number 306-975-7909. What recorded message will I hear if I call this number back?

Call display 306-975-7909 – will ring 4 times
You have reached the City of Saskatoon’s emergency alert messaging system, notifynow.
This line is not monitored.  If you are reporting an emergency please hang up and call 9-1-1 immediately.
If you are enquiring about a call you received from this line, please know that the Emergency Measures Organization tests the system 2 times per year. 
The next notifynow TEST will take place in Spring 2018.
If you have not created a profile to receive emergency alerts the way you want, visit and follow the noitfynow links.


How does notifynow work?

When an emergency notifynow message is issued by the City of Saskatoon's EMO, you would receive a voice message to your home, work, or cell phone, by email, or a text message - depending on your preferred method of communication you have indicated. 

To receive notifynow notifications, you must have some form of contact information entered into our database. If you do not sign-up, you may still be contacted if you have a publicly listed phone number.  Would you like to be notified about your child's school or another family member's address? Sign-up your family members,  you can add up to five addresses that are important to you.

It's important to let us know your preferred method of communication by telling us the best way to reach you.  You can sign up for more than one  of the following:

  • SMS text message
  • voice call to your landline or cell phone
  • email

Remember, we can't reach you if your contact information is not up-to-date in our notifynow database. If your phone number is unlisted,  subscribe your unlisted telephone number

Sign-up for notifynow

The information you provide is kept confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than to contact you in the event of an impending or escalating emergency.

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