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Animal Control

The Saskatoon Animal Control Agency (SACA) (306-385-7387 - 24 hours) is under contract to the City to provide animal control services.


The Saskatoon S.P.C.A. (306-374-7387) is under contract to the City to provide lost and found and investigative services. Call their main line should you require any of the following services:

Services include: 

  • lost and found;
  • adoptions; 
  • Animal abuse or neglect; 
  • Hoarding; or 
  • Animal in distress.

Zero Tolerance Enforcement. No warnings are issued! 

Pet Owner Minimum Requirements
  • Licensing of all dogs and cats aged 4 months and up 
  • Dogs and cats may not run at large; and 
  • Owners must clean up after their pets.
Renewal Enforcement
  • Dog and cat licenses are valid for one year and must be renewed.
  • At least one month prior to the expiry of a pet licence, a renewal notice is sent out.
  • Owners who fail to renew pet licenses are subject to a minimum fine of $250.

For complete listing of pet ownership requirements within Saskatoon, please refer to the Animal Control Bylaw No. 7860

Pet At Large Perk (PAL)

The PAL Perk can be used once in the lifetime of a pet for:

  • At-large fine 

The PAL Perk can be used annually with your licensed pet:

  • To be applied towards your impound fee

The PAL Perk will be tracked using your pet’s license number:

  • Valid City of Saskatoon pet license required
  • The license must be purchased prior to the offense


  • Animals deemed dangerous by court order
  • Animals acting in an aggressive manner as established by an Animal Control Officer
  • Owners who have willfully and purposely allowed their animals to get loose

Animal Rescue and Protection Agencies of Saskatchewan

Animal Rescue

Key Characteristics of Reputable and Responsible Rescues and Humane Societies

  • Has a board of directors
  • Publishes annual audited financial reports
  • You can visit their shelter - open to the public and easy to inspect
  • Shelter is clean and animals are doing well
  • If the rescue is foster based, they limit the number of pets per household to ensure capacity for appropriate care
  • If foster based, the pet is in good physical condition and does not smell bad or exhibit signs of disease, stress, hunger
  • Organization works well with other reputable organizations 
  • Animals have up-to-date vaccinations and are spayed or neutered
  • Complete health records are available for your adopted pet
  • A veterinarian of record is available
  • For larger organizations, animal care meets Association of Shelter Veterinarian, Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, or Humane Canada standards
  • Organization does not have a history of conviction under the Animal Protection Act of Saskatchewan

Rescue Groups 

Animal Protection

Animal Welfare 

Choosing the Right Pet 

Here are some helpful links to help you find the perfect pet that fits all aspects of your lifestyle: